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  1. The Evolution of Cadillac CTS

The Evolution of Cadillac CTS

06th November 2015
The Evolution of Cadillac CTS

From Batman-1 to Batman-2, then from Charlie’s Angels to Fast and the Furious, or may it be Forrest Gump or The Godfather I-II. The list is endless, Cadillac, have a long, storied history, beginning with its first model in 1902. It has been used in most famous movies of the Era of Hollywood.

The name Cadillac is one of the oldest names in the world of premium automotive and had its ups and downs over more than 100 years of its existence. After the long period they introduced their one of their best modals, Cadillac CTS. The first CTS marked the production debut of Cadillac's edgy "Art and Science". The second version of CTS was a new proposition. It made its mark with its amazing engine and its performance.

Now comes the third generation CTS, which displays an impressive balance of performance and styling. A truly dramatic presence can be seen in its highly responsive 3.6L direct injection engine. May it be the body-side profile, roofline, or it lamps – everything takes a distinctive stand.

The signature vertical tail-lamps are more efficient and long lasting. The best thing about the car is that the Adaptive remote Start allows the CTS engine to start more than 50 yards away. Even the interior climate is also preconditioned with the external temperature. The BOSE surround sound system gives a smooth and rich sound, no matter what are you’re listening to.

If you know how much its competitors cost then you should seriously know how much a CTS costs. It’s worth every penny. Cadillac has been promising that they'd be the standard of the world for more than a decade now, and it's finally true. This is the best car in the Cadillac lineup; I think it's even the best car in its class.

 It’s a luxury that, once you’ve experienced it, will feel like a necessity.

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