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  1. Desire of the Soul

Desire of the Soul

06th September 2016
Desire of the Soul

We are back again with the 4th entry of the blog contest written by Ria Thomas. Unlike others, this girl took that extra effort to find out the life history of a man who is now creating history everyday! Let’s check out whom she is talking about:

“Schumi tries to push his way through and it’s Tony outside the lane… and the last lap is about to begin…”

Suddenly the alarm started ringing putting an end to the dream that has been chasing him for long. He wants to pursue his desire but can he? A big question that has been haunting him since the day he watched the Grand Prix at Buddha International Circuit live. This is the last year of his schooling and he hasn’t destined his goal yet. At an adolescent age of 17, he has the complete world at his disposal but something is troubling his mind. Should he follow the regular path of enrolling himself for a graduation course like his friends or is something else waiting for him at the far end?

Supercars-on-road Source:

Taking his passion for a long voyage he finally advanced for what is predestined for him. Supercars have invariably fascinated him so it’s the right time to transform passion into profession. The market of pre-owned exotic luxury cars is still untapped and it’s imperative to bridge the gap between these premium beauties and their desperate lovers. He took the initiative to bring the supercars to the Indian shores through dealership at an economical cost because he firmly believed that there resides a superstar in every car lover.

The journey was not easy but with his sheer dedication and smartness he was able to satiate his soul and passion. It took years to spread his glory but he never gave up and finally he succeeded in giving a firm shape to his dream that is now a reality. He was delighted to see the humongous response he received for his inventiveness from the car aficionados and now he is more determined to disseminate its reach throughout the country.

Still a long journey to go but now he knows how to transform dream into reality!

Jatin Ahuja, the founder of Big Boy Toyz, is now an inspiration for many budding entrepreneurs who wanted to come out of their world of illusion and live the grand life like a SUPERSTAR.



Desire of the Soul

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