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  1. The British Sovereigns

The British Sovereigns

20th November 2018
The British Sovereigns

Erecting their own sweet world-weary tuning in our self –generated “A” fact findings was probably the stellar showing of the English sprinklings of elegance & dexterity.

British Sovereigns

Knowing the keen eyed adroitness, we won’t go back to starting from scratch for an encyclopedic homework as the featured eponym- Range Rover automatically sees a lingual eruption on spotting the twosome flavored boxy riders….

British Sovereigns

One’s a clear cut dependable name of the game called Sport while the other is a maximal title gatherer known as the Vogue….ah, Vogue Supercharged Autobiography to be more precise.


Seems cool and involving!
Moving straight to the pointer like treatment for the two stardom lit performers…..

1. The two debonair striders

the Sport and Vogue’s

Making you learn the nuances of the cultured jaunt expeditions!
Give both of them a high degree of solitary appreciation, one in each’s arsenal….

Range Rovers

For a minute, you’ll have the hi-fi polished saloons running scared of the Sport and Vogue’s boulevard depiction and frame the scene when the tenacious supercharged proposition comes into play for the ultimate triumphing act.

2. Size demonstrators

Range Rovers

What’s the second next after the influential brand name to groove on the Range Rovers?

Shapes n sizes

Shapes n sizes and the look n feel of the interiors!!! Come on, they could have been placed on an equal footing with famed appellation as well…

Range Rover interior

Betting on the two’s colossal forthcoming, there certainly won’t be an ace contestant going one on one with the daring Brit specimens….

3. Puissant movers

Mentioning the paragon enterprisers with a touch of sophistication and supersonic affixing…..

1st for the 3 litre diesel happily taking charge under the Sport’s hood and the 2nd matches the incredible doings of the 5 litre supercharged petrol in Vogue’s armory.
So Range Rover will keep the option open for both….and that is a spectacled practical running or an immediate hurried within split seconds….
You’ll not help but desire the hefty combo of both.

4. Can’t get over them ….ah!

Range Rover

Revealing the most sought after temptation much in line with your developed RR hang up.
Announcing the appetizing proposition:-

Range Rover

“The double pair is available below rupees 50 lakhs at the heaven of exotic cars, Big Boy Toyz
Wish list reframed?
We assume so!


, British Sovereigns

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