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  1. The Black fox : Mercedes CLS 350

The Black fox : Mercedes CLS 350

28th March 2018
The Black fox : Mercedes CLS 350

“It moves sublimely with a touch of courtly chic while being in perfect symmetry with the unobscured avenue and possesses a sorcerous’ spell that overwhelms the senses when admired from a proximate distance.”

The Black fox : Mercedes CLS 350

An exceptional praise follows for the expert brains behind it, which indeed have been successful in manifesting your perennial love and fondness for the glittery and lustrous insignia that has made tremendous waves across the globe.

the Mercedes Benz CLS

You’ll always desire to be one with it and envisage about the “fantastical wish” of a yearning rendezvous with the one that seems to be the noteworthy and remarkable from the shining three pointed star’s famed collection, the Mercedes Benz CLS.

Adoration builds up quickly for the German idol of grace and grandeur that sheds away all speculations of a writer’s block and enables us to focus on some of the… foremost aspects that make the CLS a discerning unusual choice.

1. How it is different?

the Mercedes Benz

Tracing its roots to the neoteric imaginative juices of the wild eyed Stuttgart folks, the CLS coupe’s birth is a testimony to the brand’s underlying philosophy of “the best or nothing” undoubtedly.

Term it as an invention of the century, which the steadfast perceivers at Mercedes always had a visualization for that someday it would definitely supersede every belief and anticipation and emerge as a stalwart with flying colors.

the CLS

An emotional design language that melts hearts on the very first glimpse, the tiptop icon's captivating proportions calls for an outset of rejuvenating the endearment and the CLS quickly wins the honors of becoming the “repetitive pinpointed” possessions amongst your famed acquisitions over time.

the CLS

“The cherished whisky brand when served in an exemplifying manner does make the indulgence more tempting and gratifying”.

Mercedes makes your steps easier towards the seventh heaven with its salient offering that does everything for you intently together with an overdose of sophistication and panache.
With its extra brimming bits of feeding one to the gills, the CLS surely holds the crown of being the “apple of my eye” deservingly.

2. What’s on the Inside story?

the CLS Inside story

“The passion to excel……willingness to deliver and……seeking the path towards excellence.”
The tryst with gorgeous companion goes a step forward as one is enveloped by the sheer luxury of CLS’ delectable cabin kind of a thing.

Just goes to say that Mercedes leaves no stone unturned in a bid for the never ending positive remarks.

Mercedes Benz

The supplemental influence of grandiosity and eminence is here to make a mark that adds to the extra oomph factor within!

A word on the fleck less ambience sees you praising the embellishments in the form of the Individual Rear Seats, the classy analogue clock on the dashboard, Harmon & Kardon Music System (pick of the lot), the exclusive Nappa Leather finished three spoke steering and as always the list being never ending since it is always at the core of Mercedes Benz to pamper one to the fullest.

3. Made for?

Think, think and think!

CLS 350

Where will it fit in?
Well, the CLS will strike a right balance with the young guns of the veteran corporate honchos who have the flagship LWB saloons for their royal ride.

Not only this!

The billionaires have something to glue to their taste for finer exotic things when they take the CLS for the “must go” weekender drives.

4. The extraordinary driving bits?

source - you tube

Ah! What was the reason was that immediate pinning back to the seats?
A gentle thrust on the accelerator exhibits the coupe’s rushed character. Wow!

source - you tube

Then something exciting will surely await you when the mighty 3.5litre petrol motor is given a shot of the forceful beans.

The 306 racehorses, but obvious, showcase their spirited and committed eagerness to propel the “rock’ n roll” on the move.

Not to be kept out of the frame is the revered 7 G Tronic gearbox that seems more than adequate if your ultimate aim is to derive the fun loving joy rides on board.
The Sport mode jazzes up the CLS for the meritorious and laudable stunts along with a hearty feel of the spine tingling moments. A must try out!

The Sport mode

For the knowledge of “at my fingertips” proclaimers, the 0-100km/h timing run is completed in a mere 6.9 seconds.

A transformed personality for the elite bent of mind emanates as the CLS brings forth a cozy affair in the making when driven with the 1st hold statured wisdom. 

The nimble fingered Airmatic suspension’s masterly acts to win over all sorts of road conditions, undeniably is an addition to the technical sanity gathered while driving the CLS.

5. What are the outstanding determinants?

source - you tube

Were we keeping a count of it since the beginning….
No problems!
Let us list them all together.

The CLS Coupe’s out of the ordinary and atypical stance garners it the “unwonted” tag for the aspiring Mercedes Benz owners.

The prodigious and tantalizing exterior cues feel a generation ahead while edging forward the lively and youthful being in you.

Actually it doesn’t give any reasons to revoke it from the well thought of evoked set.

A Mercedes which magnetizes your eyes courtesy its unequivocal presence that builds the basis for a quick mental rapport.

Being loaded to the grill on the inside won’t really merit a re-exercise of the mental analysis in framing a new parameter list.

The vehement petrol motor has got everything for making good its applause worthy streak after a blissful and engaging experience. And that was it!

The Mercedes CLS 350 qualifies

The Mercedes CLS 350 qualifies to be a stellar of a package with its phenomenal gingerbreads that…..that justify your ‘pleasure seeking’ and ‘self- indulgent’ practices.


Mercedes CLS 350, The Black Fox

Comments (11)

Vikas Sehgal

A very nice looking & reasonably powerful engine, comes with modern day features.



Exotic carrr... Luxury redefined


Md. Sayam

BLACK is Simply a Beauty


Shashi zaveri

Superb car



Great car






What a car



Combination of beauty n muscle ... πŸ‘


Tina gogna

Very well written comment on a beautiful car



Amazing black beauty Very well Described πŸ‘


Ashish Gupta

A dream car ..... Luxury beyond imagination


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