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  1. The Best Racers of All Times; Sequel

The Best Racers of All Times; Sequel

26th April 2016
The Best Racers of All Times; Sequel

No, we aren't obsessing about this theme. The simple fact is that this world has seen so many legendary racers that it is difficult to cover all of them at once and highly unfair to leave anyone of them. Racing out of all the sports is the most aspirational one for its audience. To be there on the track and to be able to drive a racecar so fast that it makes you skip the beat and brings the heart into your mouth, this crazy dream is lived by many but achieved by only a few. These all-time legendary racers leave a legacy of their own and inspire so many to become so much more. In our last article, we gave you a list of the best racers. So here we have again for you people the best racers of all times.

Revel in their glory, my friends, Revel in their glory!

Richard Petty

Richard-Petty Source:

Everybody knew him as 'King' and why wouldn't they, after all, he was the king amongst all the racers. A former NASCAR driver who raced in Grand National Era, Perry was amongst the most famous and most loved racers of all time. Winning the NASCAR Championship for seven times was his most accounted and celebrated achievement. He is in terms of statistics, the most famous and accomplished driver. All in all, he bagged 200 wins amongst which Daytona 500 for seven times was a significant part.

Jimmie Johnson

Jimmie-Johnson Source:

The name recited after Petty's is that of Jimmie Kenneth Johnson. An American stock car racing driver, he won the NASCAR for six times. Came to fame by winning his first; 2006 NASCAR, he is known by the No. 48 Chevrolet, he races with. He too bagged Daytona 500 but only twice. Among other accolades, Johnson is the first driver to have been a part of Associated Press Male Athlete Of The Year in 2009 along with being the Driver Of The Year twice in his racing career. And then yes, the Forbes most influential athlete list where Johnson too got featured. All in all, in such a short time Jammie Johnson shot to fame and has maintained it like no other.

Mario Andretti

Mario-Andretti Source:

The hot shot Italian racer! The ideal one amongst all the others. Mario Gabriele Andretti was an Italian American world championship racer. One the most famous in the history of sports car racing, Mario made his spot in the racing world like nobody else could ever dream of making. He is one of the only two drivers in this world who have won the Formula one, IndyCar, World Sportscar championship and yes, of course, NASCAR. His greatness, of course, doesn't end there. He till date remains the only driver to win Indianapolis 500, Daytona 500, The Formula one championship and also, the Juan Pablo Montoya. The fact that he was the only person who was named the United States Driver Of The Year tells us the kind of career he had. And surely it wasn't anything less than historical.



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