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  1. Rolls Royce Phantom - A Power Statement That Never Dies

Rolls Royce Phantom - A Power Statement That Never Dies

04th February 2016
Rolls Royce Phantom - A Power Statement That Never Dies

We all are familiar with stories of the immortal masked man PHANTOM – The ghost that never dies!"

Have a look at the twisting story of Rolls Royce Phantom and you will find that just like the Superhero Phantom, this car also has the knack of reinventing itself and rewriting the history of luxury, performance and style all over again. This luxury Sedan is yet another LAUREATE coming from the fleet of Rolls Royce Motors.

Launched in the year 2003, this car won the Top Gear Award in its launching year and since then it never looked back.

Every feature is a feather in the hat of Rolls Royce Legacy

Let's start with the function of the bespoke team; it is a dream assigned to each and every Rolls Royce vehicle driving out of the state-of-the-art manufacturing unit. In the case of Rolls Royce Phantom, we can always say that it is a custom made car that is always waiting for your own designer's touch. The color palate of this aluminum beast is very rich.

You literally get the option of choosing from over 44,000 color shades. Considering the number of the Phantom vehicles rolled out so far, there is a very good chance that you might get an exclusive color for your iconic Rolls Royce Phantom edition. You will definitely not find any other manufacturer giving you a wide array of options in colors itself, let alone the rest of the accessories in the car.

Stay ahead of your times be with world times

Car-interiors-with-clock Source:

The 24 location rotating time zone bezel clock will keep you updated with the world time and a powerful direct injection V12 engine can help you in meeting your time schedules during odd hours.

When it comes to energy conversion from the fuel activity, Phantom turns out to be an efficient one. At the speed of about 100kmph, 90 percent of your engine energy is reserved and this gives you a command over the proceedings.

This articulated threshold of power eases out your acceleration and converts your first gear into an infinite gear. You can have a look at the reserve power options on the reserve power dials present in the main dashboard. This way you can have total control of the car when looking to cruise around town.

Two monitors for Entertainment and Navigation

For the back seat passengers of the Rolls Royce Phantom, it is a journey full of ENTERTAINMENT.

There is a folding portable screen fitted with a DVD player and the dose of entertainment will make your journey a memorable one when you are on with the Rolls Royce Phantom. The front monitor is a multipurpose utility where you can check out the Navigation system or connect a hard drive and enjoy movies when your Phantom is in a stationary mode.

With these two monitors and the system attached to the car, every journey is an effortless pleasure and endless entertainment on the roads of success. With a little modification you can even turn it into a mini conference room and hold video meetings while in the car and the NVH refinement levels of the car will make sure that you have no outside disturbance, no matter what

Glamor of the classic rolls with a 21st-century twist

Rearward opening cabin door is reintroduced once again in the Rolls Royce Phantom. Now this is something that makes it a royal chariot. Rearward opening doors were an integral part of royal chariots during medieval times. You can compare it with a royal entry in a royal cabin, floating on a magic carpet. Rolls Royce Phantom is your 21st century Royal cabin and state of the art suspension system attached to it makes it a flying carpet.

Choose it first and design it

Rolls Royce vehicle Source:

Every Rolls Royce vehicle is a unique & personal extension of your personality. It will carry your personal signature and the efforts of seasoned artisans will give it the touch of your unique style statement. You only have to choose from the available variants.

Base model of the Phantom is just apt for tradition lovers, as it is a Royal soul captured in a 21st-century well-engineered body. Extended wheelbase variant is apt for people who want to live it in the larger league of life.

Phantom Coupe is an old and spacious design twisted with latest amendments of speed and power. Witness the skies from your universe's personal part and feel the mesmerizing connection between elements of nature. Phantom Drophead Coupe is a romantic royal interlude amidst the busy life that you are leading. It is a youthful twist to the regular design of Phantom, which will bring that old world of romantic charm back in your life.

Films like "Transformers" are converting cars into Robots, however during the golden times cars were human; the Phantom series from the house of Rolls Royce depicts that human face of an old companion of human emotions and moods, its CARS of course.

The face behind Rolls Royce, Sir Henry Royce, once said, "Take the best that exists and make it better."

With the passage of time, Rolls Royce changed this saying into a different parlance where the company is making it better in accordance with your choice and, thus it becomes BEST FOR YOU. It is a collaborative process between you and the bespoke team that designs a vehicle like the Phantom for you. Design it yourself before you grab this masterpiece that will steal all the thunder on the roads of your vicinity.

It is not a wonder after all that Rolls Royce Phantom is the UNMATCHED KING OF THE ROAD and the leader in pure luxury. It is the best combination of looks, power, class and luxury along with the best-in-class of everything.

No wonder it is the flagship offering from Rolls Royce and we simply LOVE it.


Rolls Royce Phantom

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