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  1. Sunny Leone and her enticing car collection

Sunny Leone and her enticing car collection

04th January 2017
Sunny Leone and her enticing car collection

“Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live.” – By Anne Sweeney of Walt Disney

The Baby Doll has arrived. And How! Born as Karenjit Kaur in Canada, Sunny lived life on her own terms with dignity & class taking the never ending scathing comments, remarks and criticisms in her stride but remained undeterred and unfazed.

Sunny Leonesource - hdwallpapers

She made a statement when Bollywood welcomed her with open arms finally silencing her critics. The glitz & glamour associated with the sensational lady further translates to the exotic car brands in her garage. Happily married to Daniel Weber, Sunny is the proud owner of three luxury cars further adding a feather in her cap.

The Sophisticated BMW 7 Series

The Sophisticated BMW 760Lisource -team-bhp

The flagship sedan from the Bavarian based automotive manufacturer exhibits a royal charm and elegance of its own. Since ages, it has been the fancied preference for the rich & powerful all over the world. A splendid design language that is a tad understated & not too extravagant leaves a supreme image in the on looker’s mind. The brand has won accolades & appreciation by critics & journalists for being the pioneer in technology & innovation when it comes to uncompromised driving pleasure along with ensuring reliability & exclusivity. The 7 series has every bit of these characteristics ingrained in its genes & especially when we talk of the 760Li(top of the line), things are elevated to an exciting level.

source -YouTube

A mammoth 6000cc petrol engine churning out 544bhp & 750Nm of torque mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission will instantly garner respect & admiration from the enthusiasts. The 0-100kmph sprint in less than 5 seconds & top speed pegged at 250kmph is proof enough of its dynamic abilities. The interiors expel a sporty intention while at the same time pamper you with sheer comfort after a tiresome boardroom meeting all day long.

sunny-leone Sophisticated BMW 760Lisource -rushlane

Riding high on its much acclaimed reputation, the 7 is an instant hit with the Bollywood stars of India and especially Sunny Leone. The magnificent example was gifted to her by her husband Daniel Weber on the eve of Christmas, thus making the occasion special & delightful. For her, this top-of-the-line iteration of the 7 series is a perfect epitome of opulence & satisfaction that conveys her arrival in style.

The Gorgeous Maserati Quattroporte

The Gorgeous Maserati Quattroportesource -indiancarsbikes

If one was ever a great admirer and devotee of one of the most artistic & influential car design, then he must have laid his eyes on this beautiful Italian masterpiece. The Maserati Quattroporte illustrates every bit of class & elegance in its royal architecture that one can’t help but glance at it all day long. Its mere presence leaves you enthralling & jaw open to appreciate every angle which has been conceived and articulated with great passion, hard-work & dedication and represents the work of a true connoisseur at heart.


The legendary trident logo with upward pointed spears is a quintessential of undisputed legacy, triumph & glory. From the sleek lines on the bonnet, exquisite silhouette appearance, curvy rear end look & the meticulous detailing on the interior seats & dashboard, it catches your complete attention and qualifies to be a life- long companion. The performance figures put even a bigger smile on your face.


The renowned 3-litre diesel engine housing 275bhp and 600Nm of torque never fails to impress when you are in that typical mood to put this beast through its paces. At the same time it also comes up as an able cruiser showing its sedate nature. This iconic piece of artwork too was gifted to Sunny Leone by her husband & she was thrilled & delighted having received the keys of one of most distinguished and eminent automobile brand.

The Distinctive Audi A5

source -YouTube

The four ringed brand from Ingolstadt encapsulates advancement, technology, individuality & exclusivity. The company stays true to its tagline of ‘Advancement through technology’ meaning willpower & dedication to strive for excellence in almost all spheres including product offering, customer endurance, satisfaction and worldwide prominence of being the most admired luxury car manufacturer. A hint of sportiness, innovation, precision and elegance is portrayed skillfully by every Audi model and that is the main reason for its huge fan following. The A5 coupe is a denotation of flamboyance and extravagance while catering to the racer feeling within you. Being a little different in its design and overall approach compared to the other mainstay Audi models, it will surely garner stares & respect while cruising down the road.

source -YouTube

The roar of the 3.0L top-of-the-line TFSI V6 supercharged engine conveys its intentions quite clearly and the 272 bhp & 400 Nm of torque which it entails give you a hair-raising acceleration. A 0-100 timing of below 6 seconds will prompt you to engage the sports mode every time & break records. Sunny owns this model in the US where she often takes it out for long night drives unleashing the raw power of this monster.

The Baby Doll Karenjit Kaursource -hindustantimes

Sunny has been number one in the Times ‘Most Searched Online Celebrity’ for some time further affirming her ‘baby doll main sone di’ status. But despite this she comes across as a very realistic person in her interviews. Steering clear of politics & controversies, she lets her work speak for itself and has achieved fame, glory and success. Kudos to her!



Sunny Leone Car Collection

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