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  1. Rockstar Ranbir Kapoor and his tempting four wheels collection

Rockstar Ranbir Kapoor and his tempting four wheels collection

11th January 2017
Rockstar Ranbir Kapoor and his tempting four wheels collection

Stardom beckons him.

The super talented actor Ranbir Kapoor, grandson of the legendary actor Raj Kapoor and son of actor parents Rishi and Neetu Kapoor is the current heart throb of the present Bollywood industry.

With the Kapoor pedigree resting heavily on his shoulders, he made the critics sit up and take notice of his acting skills in Wake Up Sid, Rockstar and Barfi.


Ranbir proved true his Kapoor acting genes when he was conferred with the awards for these films. He is immensely liked for his dashing youthful looks, pleasant personality and a realistic attitude. Having being in the film industry for quite some time now and establishing a sound reputation for himself, he too joins the list of Bollywood stars owning super exotic cars and a glimpse of his collection is mentioned below.

Audi R8

Audi R8 Source:i.ytimg

The renowned supercar from the four ringed automotive stable has a reputation of being at the top when it comes to technology, innovation, advancement along with meeting the petrol head devotee’s expectations to a large extent.

Reckoning with the fact, this is the first name that comes to the mind whenever one wishes to show off his skills on a racing track or cut some hard corners on a twisty winding road.

The R8 truly shows of its undisputed legacy and prestige on all parameters, thereby making it an obvious choice for the brand lovers out there.

Audi R8 Car Source:indianautosblog

The design language, despite being there for quite some time now hasn’t aged quickly and still continues to allure you with the majestic low slung appearance, gorgeous detailing on the alloy wheels, skillful delineation of curvy lines along with the grandiose silhouette being the showstopper.

We are a big fan of the rear end presentation especially with the newfangled LED brake lights, sloping glass cover for the engine compartment and the first string honeycomb grille design at the front corners (a must mention) and in our honest opinion, the R8 does look modern and leading edge compared to its competitors by at least 2-3 years.


Be it any angle, one can really admire the imagination and expertise of Audi designers back in Ingolstadt to come up with a masterpiece on wheels with its exemplary road hugging dynamics that bewitches everyone out on the streets. The sporty interior layout enchants you with sophisticated layout of buttons and control switches along with perfectly fitting the bill as far as ergonomics is concerned.

The seats are supremely comfortable and the side bolstering comes handy to prevent you from juggling while you are doing some breathtaking numbers.

But the moment of excitement and thrill is yet to arrive in grand style when you are subjected to its breathtaking performance. Housing a 4.2 FSI V8 engine with a stupendous 420 bhp and 430 nm of torque on tap mated to the tried and tested 6 speed R tronic transmission.

It dazzles a person with its hair- raising acceleration much in accordance to how the Spiderman quickly climbs the imperial tower in his acclaimed movies.


The 0-100 kmph timing is 4.6 seconds with a top speed slated at 301 kmph. With class leading dynamics and drivability characteristics, it has won a special place in the heart of Bollywood stars and Ranbir Kapoor being one of them.

The Superstar was amongst the first to get his hands on this beauty when it officially made its arrival in the country. The red example certainly does the chic talking in favor of Ranbir's fashionable demeanor and no holding back at this one for sure...

Audi A8L

the New A8L Source:datastore

Luxury and sophistication get a new recognition with this bellwether flagship model from Audi. The subtle and stately exhibition of its massive length lends it a formidable understated character.

When A8 was initially launched in India, it didn’t set the sales chart on fire compared to its rivals, reason being that Audi was still new and people were getting themselves accustomed with the brand philosophy and terminology.

Post 2010, the German car maker introduced the New A8L and this being leaps and bounds ahead of its rivals.

the New A8L Source:datastore

All the brainwork, technical know-how and experimentations going into bringing out an exclusive piece of artwork.

The car boasted of several new features such as being built on an Aluminum Space Frame leading to weight reduction and strengthening torsional rigidity, new age LED headlights with bright jewel inscriptions that exude class and aura along with the settled Quattro four wheel drive thats never out of the picture.

One truly gets the feeling of the interiors of a business jet on entering the cabin of the A8L.

the interiors of a business jet Source:cartype

The impressive attention to detail dashboard quality,unique stitching on the leather seats, aluminum inserts with polished wood near the gear console and the magical thrill of being seated in the rear seats of this luxo barge truly enchants you.

An originative massage system delights you along with the marvelous left rear seat functionality which is truly amazing!!!

It portrays a feeling that the car understands you so well and never wants to disappoint you on any occasion. The A8L out on the road communicates its intentions rather well and can be used both as an outright sports car along with being an able all day long cruiser.


The top of the line vigorous 6.3 W12 motor churns out a dominant 500 bhp with 625 Nm of torque mated to an eight speed box begs you to take note of its blistering performance.

Put the pedal to metal and 100 kmph comes up in a mere 5 seconds and if you keep it pressed for some more time, you will need to find a road where it reaches its top speed of 250 kmph. If you want to be a little more enthusiastic and have fun, then the 'up to task' Dynamic mode from the Audi Drive select motions the swift snowball effect....

vigorous 6.3 W12 motor Source:datastore

Audi’s long time association with the Bollywood stars have helped it garner appreciation and accolades for its product lineup and A8L being one car that is now preferred by them to announce their arrival in style and the same is exemplified by Ranbir Kapoor by his white possession.

Mercedes Benz G63 AMG

Mercedes Benz G63 AMG Source:blogspot

The three alphabets AMG are regarded as an epitome of ultimate sportiness and dynamic performance from the Mercedes Benz stable.

The three pointed star's models bearing this nomenclature are in a distinctive league of aggressive looks that mean instant action along with an overwhelming and breathtaking ability to showcase extreme acceleration and renowned safety techniques on any race track in the world.

And lets admit it!

It has truly been a pioneer for automotive excellence while at the same time been at the forefront of many innovations and introductions to revolutionize the whole motoring concept.

Lets get to this!

Having a back slapping look at the colossal and wavemaker originative G insignia in the stimulant driving AMG configuration, you'll probably not think twice to covet for its two fisted and gallant discerning.




It's humongous 5.5-litre V8 bi turbo unit with 544 bhp and 760nm of torque is more than sufficient to get you ahead in the race.


The G 63 crosses the 0-100 mark in 5.3 seconds with a top wack of 210 kmph. This vehicle truly makes one stand out of the crowd due to the dauntless manifestation oozing in abundance and therefore is one of the prized- possessions of Ranbir Kapoor in his garage.

Range Rover Vogue

One does get enticed by timeless British Automotive models which have created a strong legacy for themselves and the Range Rover Vogue being one of them.

The SUV has truly stood the test of times, and has impressed everyone with its outright potential and charisma. A person can admire and appreciate the Englishmen for their hard work and dedication which is truly exemplified from the majestic exterior looks with precise fine edges all around. 

Note that!!

Hold no limits to the fascination of the supreme luxury on the inside and you are sure to be bowled over by the meticulous fusion of the retro and present day styling. The attention to detail in the cabin is top notch without any room for error and is proof enough that why it is the obvious choice for the world leaders and diplomats who want to cocoon themselves in superb comfort.

Lusting for the maniacal pull of the front page topliner? Ah! we can understand......

Ranbir has out shown himself in his pictures. His repertoire speaks of intense focus, determination and talent that has extended to his majestic garage also.


Rockstar Ranbir Kapoors cars

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