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  1. Ready for some Off-roading?

Ready for some Off-roading?

22nd December 2015
Ready for some Off-roading?

I was on a vacation with my parents, we settled into the leather lounge seats after admiring the deep blue hand stitched work which increased the market image. We switched on the TV, going through the channels we came across an amazing place in the same town and I badly wanted to visit it.

We were comfortable there, but it was time to move out, to explore more and to visit the place. So we fired up the powerful V8 engine (we had hired from the hotel itself) and started for the 'Discoveries'.

I never knew that with just the places I will be able to explore this muscular vehicle.

The Range Rover "Vogue" is really like a mobile hotel room, it was just like as if we are trying to drive the whole hotel on road.

The Range Rover V8 is spacious, luxurious and finished with top-line leather and alloy. The Range Rover Vogue has been equipped some powerful engines and one being 4.4 L, V8, Longitudinal engine, and a 8 Speed Automatic ZF 8HP70 transmission.

The interior were simple and clearer and the leather was also smooth. The car had huge legroom making the drive more comfortable. From inside, you can never feel the power of four wheel drive diesel engine. There were loads of features, the signature of diesel power - that makes its presence felt while accelerating. The car is effortless on a long drive, and is surely the benchmark for how refined a diesel passenger car can be.

Talking about the safety the car comes with plenty of airbags that envelops the passenger space. As a passenger car, it is brilliant, comfortable, quiet, spacious and swift. Few cars offer such 'substance' and satisfaction at the wheel.



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