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  1. Out Of The Grave; Revived and Rejuvenated

Out Of The Grave; Revived and Rejuvenated

08th April 2016
Out Of The Grave; Revived and Rejuvenated

Old is gold! The decade old saying holds true to the word, even when it comes to luxury vehicles. The motor beasts of the yesteryears were from the start built differently from today’s modern vehicles. The human element that went into manufacturing these beauties exuded that very thing through their metal bodies, beastly muscle and unbeatable elegance.

With time however the shine wears off the bodies and the muscle starts to mellow down, and it's time for these cars to go to the junkyard, right? Well, not quite. Car restoration enthusiasts and professionals take on the task of injecting new life into these vehicles so they can drive around the town for a decade more. However, restoring a decade-old car is a cumbersome task, not to mention expensive, given the availability of parts, etc. Even if one chooses to do the entire job on their own, the cost of the restoration will easily run into 5-figures.

We bring to you our favorite three restored beauties that are sure to knock the daylights out of you:

famous and desirous for curvy cars Source:

This is one car that’s curvy enough to become a muse to any restoration artist and maybe even poets and artists too. Just the mere look of this car puts today’s slim and slick cars to shame. Coming from an era that was famous and desirous for curvy cars, the body is made of pure aluminum, on a steel chassis. Although it is very unlikely that you’ll spot one of these on the roads or even at an auction, a car like this is worth keeping an eye out for.

curvy car Source:

This was one of the first cars that put Ferrari on the map as a respectable sports car maker. The Barchetta was found in Italy, tucked away in a barn before it was spotted byan enthusiast and then purchased for a mere $8,000. This car’s lightweight body made this a prominent sports car for Ferrari, add to that a V12 engine, with a power of 140 horses. This car exudes an original race car feel to the onlookers and not to forget the famous names that drove this beauty - Alberto Ascari and Luigi Chinetti included. As of date, this is one of the most discussed and most popular cars at any vintage car shows.

the most-desired Lamborghinis Source:

The Miura Roadster too was found in an Italian barn and it is safe to say it is one of the biggest discoveries ever made, right alongside the discovery of oil. Well, at least to car lovers it is. This car never went into a mass production and was intended just as a promotional for Lamborghini, thus only a very few cars were made between 1966 and 1972, making it one of the most-desired Lamborghinis in the world today. After 40 years later, this car was purchased by a New Yorker in the year 2007 and restored to its original 1968 condition.




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