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  1. Land Rover Discovery - A Journey that Never Ends

Land Rover Discovery - A Journey that Never Ends

06th July 2016
Land Rover Discovery - A Journey that Never Ends

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail"Ralph Waldo Emerson

We all know that life is a long journey but the best way to travel it is in a 4x4 and what's the better option than a Land Rover Discovery. In existence since 1989, Land Rover Discovery is a perfect combination of exceptional versatility, engineering integrity and design excellence. Without losing the grounds of the celebrated Land Rover capability along with flexible interior, the Discovery has covered a long voyage with success and has undoubtedly been declared as the unsaid off-road winner each time.

A perfect partner trained to master every terrain, Land Rover Discovery goes through rigorous quality and toughness test for more than 18 months in most torturous conditions. The sleek and aerodynamic silhouette of the mid-size SUV gives it the needed strength to cruise every road it comes across and the cutting-edge controls enable you to tame the beast with perfection. The 8-inch touchscreen displays all the exclusive features uncluttered and helps in the intuitive interaction.

The world has some crazy car aficionados who go never hesitate to the test the limit of the vehicle they are driving. Here are some out of the box videos clearly proving that nothing is better than a Land Rover Discovery when you want to explore the different terrains:

Power to Rule the World


27 years back, the strength of the original Land Rover Discovery was tested by towing a train and like the wise man say, history do repeats itself, they are back again with the same experiment. This time it's the Land Rover Discovery Sport towing a train that weighs equivalent to that of Boeing-757 over 10kms.

I am the Best


Having a ride full of thrill is acceptable but what will your reaction be when you see a car moving insanely into the woods, crossing all the barriers that come across in the form of mud, uneven land and water? Well the same reaction we had after watching this video that tested the balancing and stability of Land Rover Discovery.

I am Born to be the King


When it comes to experimenting, crazy people never hesitate to risk their life; in fact they make the ride more adventurous and thrilling, leaving the spectators puzzled and awestruck. We would like to suggest the watchers to not repeat the action performed in the video rather sit and enjoy the muddy ride through the extended pit that is more like a quagmire.

Not Scared of Anything


Bow your head with respect as the royal procession is about to begin and this time not on road but on snow. Yes, you read it right! Where 4-wheelers from other premium brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, etc. give up, Land Rover Discovery starts its voyage. Be it muddy water or a land full of snow, this premium SUV is all ready to steal the show.

Jack and Jill Went up the Hill…


No, we are not reciting any nursery rhyme but rather discussing about the extreme steep uphill climb of Land Rover Discovery. This video will surely send the chill down your spines but at the same time it will be convincing enough to change your mind to buy the Land Rover Discovery – the real toy for big boys.

These videos will surely have given you an adrenaline rush and have made you believe that Land Rover Discovery has got expertise in all terrains. Thanks to the latest technologies, with the click of a button the vehicle can adapt itself according to the challenging conditions. Loaded with technologically advanced features, this premium SUV is designed uniquely keeping in mind today's requirement.



Land Rover Discovery

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