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  1. Car Museums You Need To Visit Atleast Once Before You Die!

Car Museums You Need To Visit Atleast Once Before You Die!

13th January 2017
Car Museums You Need To Visit Atleast Once Before You Die!

If watching car shows or visiting car studios isn’t doing enough for you, then it’s time to step up your car game and think bigger. What we are talking about is - Car Museums. From the most expensive cars, to the most ancient cars with historic importance, here you can find cars which you can never ever imagine of finding at car shows. Heaven for Car lovers? Sounds about right!

We have picked out a list of Car Museums that you just NEED to visit atleast once in your lifetime. Car Lovers, listen up!

1. LeMay Museum – Tacoma, Washington, USA:

LeMay-Museum-Tacomasource - wordpress

This is one place that will always have something new for you, each time you visit this place.The LeMay Museum proudly display a number of cars- from classics,to even the most ordinary of cars. What’s exciting is that you can never really guess which car you’ll see next.

2. Porsche Museum – Stuttgart, Germany

Porsche-Museumsource - inexhibit

If you love Porsche and haven't heard about the Porsche Museum yet, then you must be living under a rock. The Porsche Museum in Germany has everything a Porsche lover would ever want to see. Drool over everything from the earlyPorsche racers to the flat panzers. And if you happen to visit the Museum on a lucky day, then you might end up seeing a Porsche like the ex-Dakar 958.

3. Mullin Museum – Oxnard, California, USA

Mullin-Museumsource - timingtower

Most Car Museums are based on some theme or the other. The Mullin Museum is all about the art deco period. The Museum is open only on one Saturday for the general public.

french art source - squarespace

The Museum is truly like walking in a disneyland for car lovers!

4. Louwman Museum – The Hague, Netherlands

Louwman-Museum source - louwmanmuseum

This privately owned Museum is known for housing the largest collection of cars starting 1910. With around 250 cars in sight, the museum is surely a treat for every car lover!

The museum displays cars such as Winston Churchill’s cars, a custom Lincoln and a Harley-Davidson. The actual DB5 from Goldfinger is also featured at the museum!

5. Mercedes-Benz Museum – Stuttgart, Germany

Mercedes-Benz-Museum source - wikimedia

Quite possibly the most stunning collection of automobiles that you’ve ever came across, this Museum is a great visit for those who can’t get enough of Mercedes.

museum-germany source - journeymart

The Popemobile, and the gorgeous Gullwing 300SL are just some of their winning cars!


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What about the Ferrari Museum in Modena?



Awesome!!!!!Please do send more.I will definitely visit these museums


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