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  1. G55 is not just an SUV

G55 is not just an SUV

06th November 2015
G55 is not just an SUV

A sports utility vehicle serves in many ways, some may use it as a family vehicle and some may use it as to show a manly attitude. But, what actually an SUV means to people? “Many different views from many different people”. The thing which matters is what we are concerned about.  An SUV means power and muscle look. It shows the stability and manhood.

To cover these all features Mercedes launched an amazing model in G series i.e. G55.G55 is just an astonishing model of Mercedes in SUV segment. The brands is known for its luxury, power and obviously speed and G55 is a combination of all these three features with an 8 cylinder engine giving an enormous power to the ride and obviously speed with a fully loaded features.  The 500 HP engine power up the ride which will satisfy you in the way you want. The startup of this 

car will give you goose bumps. The sound is so manly that the eyes will automatically find their way to this car and word that will come from your mouth will be “WOW”.

Mercedes launched this model in India for around 1.80 crores, and here is the constraint. What if a person is not able to invest this much high amount but desperate for this ride? There is always is a way out.

In India there are several organizations who deal with pre owned cars, but the single factor that comes to everyone’s mind is that the pre-owned car which they are going to buy, will it be able to satisfy their demands in regards to quality and price? This is not the issue, an organization named Big Boy Toyz (BBT) deals in such exotic and premium cars with a proper and effective customer relationship.

BBT offers Mercedes G55 at just 99 lakhs i.e. much lower than market. Though it will be a pre-owned car but with the 151 checkup protocols of BBT, they will make you feel as if you are riding a brand new car with an amazing after sales services. They will not only sell you the ride the car you actually wanted but they will give you a new lifestyle which you deserve.

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