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  1. Dreams DO Come True

Dreams DO Come True

12th September 2016
Dreams DO Come True

The last and the winning entry of the blog contest! Ayush Aggarwal has very beautifully knitted his feelings using the thread of words that expressed his sheer passion and love for supercars. We chose not to alter the beauty and essence of the article by editing it. Happy reading!

It was unlike any other day. A tinge of orange had started to spread across the early summer skies when he woke up. Dressed in a silk night robe, hairs immaculate, he stretched himself off from bed. Almost nothing was in place in his otherwise clean apartment- shredded pieces of clothes everywhere; empty wine bottles clanking against spray-paint cans on the floor, and people. People, deep in slumber after the craziest of nights they had, occupying whatever little space they could gather for themselves on the floor.

Etched right across the brilliantly red walls of his drawing room were the words, “Dreams DO come true”, in a rather amateur fashion. On any other day, he’d have had nothing short of a heart attack at this sight. Not today.

Making his way through the sea of hung-over people, he reached for the newspaper. And unmistakably, it was his beaming face on the front page. “Small town lad makes it big!”, the bold headlines exclaimed. “Close to $10 million for the Patna underdog in the first round of crowdfunding…”, read the article. But there was just more to the smirk painted across his face, than just this success. Another dream was to be lived today.

Way-to-Gurgaon-by-road Source:

He chose the best of suits from his wardrobe, his lucky trousers and began his search for a shirt. Red, it had to be red.

In the garage downstairs, he gave one brief look to his Dad’s old Volkswagen. “Your final day buddy!”, he said, lightly tapping on the steering. And just like that, he set out for a voyage to the lands he loved. The roads to Big Boy Toyz, Gurgaon seemed livelier. The traffic failed to dampen his spirits today. He had forever dreamt of affording a place in this crowd, and now he had the money.

An appointment had been set the day before, for things had to be just perfect today. At the showroom, his sales advisor was already at the doors. A customary handshake was exchanged, but by now his excitement was far from being contained. The sheer sight of supercars set butterflies swarming inside this suave owner of a $10 million company. He was beaming with pride. This place of exclusivity was where he had seen so many superstars… Only today, he was one. He had made it big and life was awarding him today.


He eyed every mean machine parked inside- each representing a legacy of its own. He stopped in the middle. Covered with a red cloth, his car was parked right in the middle of all the drama. Delight engulfed him from all corners. They placed off the covers in the most dramatic way, handed him over the keys. He was an ecstatic kid now. Almost jumped inside the car and in the moment that followed- 597 horses neighed inside the Naturally Aspirated V8



Dreams DO Come True

Comments (4)


Couldn't thank BBT enough!


Naresh D Bhadresha

Who is Ayush Agarwal? Founder of which startup?



Ayush heart touching story really facinate me, some how you have a hidden quality of story writing you must expose it .


Smita Chandra

'Dreams Do Come True ' dear..what a write-up! Selection of words, expression, emotions all immaculate..I am so proud of u Ayush cant describe..Be passionate n dedicated u r going to achieve heights..


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