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  1. BMW X6 – The BEST a Man Can Get

BMW X6 – The BEST a Man Can Get

09th February 2016
BMW X6 – The BEST a Man Can Get

Meet the SUV (Or, Sports Activity Coupe, in BMW Speak) that thinks:

  • It is a car and drives like one on the tarmac, and pulls it off beautifully
  • It is the glamour king of SUV world
  • It gives the feeling of being at home in the urban jungles of New York, as much as in the hard packed mud trails

Meet X6 – the SUV that does all these and much more with a lot of ease. This beast will make you think that BMW has made some kind of super coupe with multiple personality traits in a single package – and to tell you the truth, you will not be much far off from the truth.

When it was introduced first in the market in 2008, people did not accept it wholeheartedly instantly and there were a lot of criticism for the shape from many quarters. But the sales chart told another story – though a bit quirky looking, people did warm up to the idea and eventually, BMW sold a solid 250,000 units of first gen M6 and gave more than enough reasons for BMW not only to introduce the second generation of X6, but to extent this treatment to X4 (coupe version of X3) and yet to be launched X2 (coupe version of X1).

Changes Galore

The second generation X6 is longer than the outgoing model by 34mm and wider and taller by 4mm and 12mm, respectively. But the generous use of weight saving materials has helped BMW to shave off almost 40kgs of weight when compared to the previous generation X6. Though the X6 shares the platform with X5, the former gets a slopping roofline à la coupe. The design cues are now shared with the recently launched X4, and are updated to bring the X6 to the new family looks.

The front end is dominated by the sporty and huge double kidney grills and air intakes. The grill and headlamps are wider than the outgoing model, and these, along with the striking air dams, give the car a SPORTY AND AGGRESSIVE LOOK.

The bumper is redesigned to give some sportiness to the character of the vehicle. The width of the vehicle ensured a wide and imposing placement for the headlights and fog lamps and this, along with the redesigned bumper, helps to give the car a good road presence.

The car has subtle chrome accents around the windows and this with the tapering roofline and striking crease lines (one extending from the front wheel housing to the rear door handles and the other, from rear wheel housing to the rear of the X6) give the car a striking balance of pose and an unmistakable silhouette.

The headlights have adaptive LED lighting and the fog lights and tail lamps are LED, depending on the trim. The adaptive LED headlights come with anti-dazzle high beam assist (which is called BMW selective Beam), variable light control and cornering lights, and automatically adjusts according to the speed and steering angle to ensure that the driver has perfect visibility under all circumstances.


BMW X6 Interior Source:

The interior has seen a lot of changes and now conforms to the family design. The instruments and the driving cockpit are driver oriented in typical BMW fashion, and the pièce de résistance of the interior is the new huge 10.2-inch high definition screen. The interior is clad with high quality materials and premium leather and has the options to customize it according to your taste.

The car comes with LED ambient lighting and includes 9 pre-defined lighting patterns in three colors (blue, white and orange), in addition to the 'WELCOME' mood. The ambient lighting has LEDs in the head liner, the front and the rear foot wells, the front seat back rests and on all the door compartments and panels, giving the car the look and feel of a lounge.

The X6 comes with the latest iDrive and has paddle shifters to change the gears manually. The rear seat is upgraded and now comes in the 4+1 seating option, and has a seatbelt for the 5th passenger too. The back seats offer 40-20-40 fold down pattern to accommodate those odd sized cargos.

The comfort access feature the car makes sure that you do not have to use the key to unlock the car or to start the car. If you have the key in your pocket, you can open all the doors and start the engine by pushing the start-stop button.

The hood features contactless opening (depending upon the package and trim), which helps you to open and close the boot of your car simply by quickly waving your foot under the rear bumper. It is helpful in case when your hands are full of stuff and you can't use them to open or shut the boot. The tailgate will automatically swing open or close on its own by reading the gesture of your foot.

P.S. – The system will grant access only when it detects the authorized key nearby it.


The audiophile in you will be happy to know that the BMW X6 is kitted with a high end Bang & Olufsen surround sound music system with Dirac Dimensions signal processing and a center midrange speaker equipped with Acoustics Lens technology.

This system has 16 high precision speakers, including a cleverly placed central speaker, which extends from the dashboard when in use. The individual speakers are illuminated for giving a theatrical experience and the system comes with two different sound settings to choose from.

Assist Features

BMW X6 Assist-features Source:

BMW has equipped X6 with a host of assist features such as Driving Assistant plus, Park Assistant, Night vision with dynamic light spot, surround view, navigation professional, anti-dazzle high beam assist, etc

Driving Assistant Plus includes lane Departure Warning, Approach Warning with Brake Activation, Active Cruise Control with Halt & Go, Traffic Jam Assistant, etc. The Active Cruise Control helps the car to maintain the desired speed and distance from the vehicles ahead and coupled with approach warning, it will apply the brakes automatically, if needed.

The Parking Assistant will auto park the car by automatically selecting the gear and controlling the steering and accelerator inputs. All the driver has to do is to press the PDC button during the entire process.

The Night Vision Assist helps you to identify people and large animals from distance, with the help of an infrared camera mounted on the kidney grills.

Other than these, the car also comes with a multi-color configurable Heads-up Display that projects the essential info on the front windscreen so that the driver can have an overview without taking the eyes off the road.

Engine and Transmission

The X6 is powered by a TwinPower turbocharged 6-cylinder diesel mill with two variable geometry turbos. The peak output of the engine is 313bhp and 630Nm power and torque, respectively, and this engine propels X6 from 0-100Kmph within 6 seconds and takes the car all the way to a top speed of 240km/h, while offering an astonishing 15.8km/l mileage.

The engine is mated to an 8-speed Steptronic transmission with multiple driving modes, and comes with paddle shifters when you feel the need to take the control of the gears manually.

The car also boasts of various intelligent energy management systems such as brake energy regeneration, automatic start-stop function, eco pro-mode, route ahead assist, etc. to help maximize the efficiency of the vehicle.

BMW X6 is not just a car but it is actually the class wrapped in comfort and safety, which is taught to deliver high performance and power and to set an EXAMPLE of how luxury cars are ought to be!



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