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  1. BMW i8 “The Revolutionary Super Machine”

BMW i8 “The Revolutionary Super Machine”

06th November 2015
BMW i8 “The Revolutionary Super Machine”

The world is in motion. We are in motion. And motion has always meant something exciting. Expression of concept does not get complicated but when the two most important words gets crowded out by their shouty and loudy neighbors, then they are undoubtly called as “Super Cars” written in bold, enlarged, indelible type.

But still some of you must have a question, a question that riddles everyone a lot and that is,

Has the Future of the Super Car arrived?

In 2014 this answer was fruitfully answer by BMW, by introducing its new BMW i8. The i8 is the new age sports car. So new age that its engineers refuse to say how it does against the old-age sports cars. It can be said that it is the “Sports Car for the real and Futuristic World”.

BMW i is the far reaching and ground breaking concept for perfect mobility, presenting visionary electric vehicles and networked services, inspiring design and a new understanding of what premium means. BMW have given the proof that sustainability and pure driving pleasure can complement each other perfectly.

While McLaren P1, Porsche 918 Spyder and LaFerrari have hogged all the hype around hybrid supercars, all three use electric motors to aid large-capacity petrol engines. The i8 is much more innovative…

The BMW i8 boasts a tiny turbocharged three-cylinder engine that drives the rear wheels – its way more efficient than the V8s and V12s you’ll find in those million Dollar hybrid supercars. The mid-mounted petrol engine is BMW’s new 1.5-litre triple and a twin-scroll turbo helps it produce 228bhp and accelerates from 0-100 in 4.4 seconds. When unleashing its full power it can reach upto a speed of 250Km/h. The new BMW i8 switches to all-electric drive at the touch of a button for a top speed of 120km/h very easily.

The new i8 is the best example of BMW’s engineering and has by far the best integrated hybrid system. It obviously catches your eye whether you are driving any other sports car, people will surely stop by or slow-down will take a second, third look may sometimes have selfies with the car. And if we talk about the styling part then it has truly ‘Nailed it’


Revolutionary Super Machine, New Age Sports Car, BMW i8

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