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  1. Lamborghini Aventador: The Holy Grail of Flagship Bulls

Lamborghini Aventador: The Holy Grail of Flagship Bulls

10th February 2016
Lamborghini Aventador: The Holy Grail of Flagship Bulls

It is not every day that you come across a car so devilish that even the Devil might be put to shame. No wonder it was used as an Antagonist in the movie "Transformers: Age of Extinction."

So when someone makes a car this bad that it is too good, what do they do with it? They make this the succeeding flagship of the company and that is the same reason why the Aventador is the current flagship of the Lamborghini lineup.

So let's get on and check out the car as to what makes it so special, shall we?

Body and Design:

Check out the car and you will find it really hard to differentiate between all the Lamborghini cars out on the road right now because the basic design philosophy is pretty much similar with some minor changes here and there. The Aventador is also an amazing piece of beauty made majorly out of Carbon fiber to keep the body weight low and give the car an astounding Body to Weight Ratio.

The main frame of the car is made of Aluminum though to give it more sturdiness. The Aventador also gets heated external mirrors that are electronically controlled completely and the heating keeps fogginess off the mirrors. Also the Aventador gets multiple air inlets, aluminum body parts and most importantly a 3-way adjustable rear spoiler.

The suspension setup on the car is a front and rear mono-tube damper with push rod system. This setup is ideal for the Lamborghini because it has low ground clearance and hence this helps keep the car stable and not wobble even at high speeds. This also makes sure that the car has near to zero body roll in high speed cornering and most importantly it also protects this luxuriously premium car well in bumps and potholes that are in plenty on Indian roads.

Performance Aspects:

The Lamborghini Aventador Source:

The Lamborghini Aventador comes with the 6.5-litre V12 which is a staple for the Lamborghini flagship since the days of the Murcielago. The engine has a 60 degree V angle to allow the powertrain's better performance. It does churn out some really monstrous figures of 700HP at 8250RPM and 690Nm of Torque at 5500RPM. And with all this at a compression ratio of 11.8:1; still the car is Euro 6 Level 2 complaint.

But with such a big car, engine cooling needs to be spot on for which Lamborghini has incorporated both Air and Oil cooling for the engine along with Variable Air Inlets to cool the engine efficiently and kept the performance standard.

In terms of the transmission the Aventador gets the famous Lamborghini Haldex generation IV E-gear system, which is actually a 7-speed AMT system that can act as a fully automatic or a manual transmission depending on the driver discretion and also the gear shifting patterns are also variable according to the drive mode selected.

Some Amazing Facts:

No wonder the Aventador is an amazing supercar because it can go from 0-100kmph in a measly 2.9 seconds. That is less time for a person to gulp down a glass of water. And if that was not all, it can do 0-200kmph in 8.2 seconds and can reach a top whack of 350kmph. So if you want to go out for some awesome track days to try and better the track record, it is a no brainer really to go for the Aventador.

In terms of fuel capacities, the Aventador gets a 90-litre fuel tank that actually looks quite big but in real the performance is such that the car gets a hit on the fuel efficiency, but still this should be good enough to give the car about 400-500kms range on a full tank.


The Lamborghini Aventador Features

The Lamborghini Aventador is an awesomely balanced car. The engine of the car is located at the rear and not at the front like it usually is. That has been taken care for a number of reasons really as follows:

  • To provide better rear wheel drive and all-wheel drive and reduce the power loss in transmission from the front of the engine to the rear.
  • To protect the engine's better, in case of a crash; since it is a fast car and the chances of head on collisions are also ripe.
  • To give the car better turning stability, since the weight up-front would mean difficulty swerving the car at high speeds.
  • To make the entire engine, gearbox and the whole unit as much compact as possible.
  • To keep the NVH levels to a minimum.

This location of the engine on the rear is also the reason for a 43-57 kilograms weight distribution of the car. Also the car comes fitted with Pirelli rubber that is the stickiest out there till date, which means you do not have to worry much about the car dancing on the tarmac anytime. Just that the life of the tyres is pretty limited due to the high performance nature of the car, you need to be wary of them and get them replaced in time.

Safety-wise, the car is also the best in class with airbags fitted all around the cabin along with some specialized airbags. There are front dual stage airbags for the driver along with front adaptive passenger airbag. The seats also get side head-thorax airbags and there are knee airbags for the driver as well. Along with it, the brakes are also well equipped with Dual Hydraulic circuit brakes that are 6-cylinder 4-piston caliper equipped discs.

So the Lamborghini Aventador is the unmatched Lamborghini yet. There are other supercars but even then the charm of the Fighting bull in the current flagship is something to die for. It is the best mix of performance and looks and that's what we all want right?


Lamborghini Aventador

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