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  1. Potholes & Cars: The Eternal Lovers

Potholes & Cars: The Eternal Lovers

17th October 2017
Potholes & Cars: The Eternal Lovers

The cringe worthy relationship between both will last an eternity in India, likh ke le lo!
Be it the example of BMC (Bombay Municipal Corporation) or BBMP (Bruhat Bangaluru Mahanagara Palike), rains have kicked them all in the guts.

Arey bhai bhai bhai.

This guy has earned so much from memes that he himself can lend money to the Nagar Palika for digging and filling up potholes.

As you very well know that he ain’t giving any otherwise why would he be famous for bringing up social issue, and the government will do the same, otherwise their strategists will have to think about another vote bank issue.

Such a grotesque task, I tell you!

Though people give too much damn about Mumbai rains rather than analysing their state’s climatic offspring first, I hate to tell you that it’s not just BMC or BBMP to take all the blame.

We too are equally responsible for throwing out garbage like yeah “garbage”. Ain’t this whole world a shitty place? So, why can’t I throw my garbage anywhere as everyone stutters their tatti words everywhere? Ok, enough with the social shit, let’s bring on some mud stricken beauty to send it an affirmative idea.

Potholes & Cars: The Eternal Loverssource - townnews

It looks to me as a still from the FnF franchise, though people would debate whether this car is up to the standards of getting featured in a BBT blog, I tend to differ!

When struck with mud, all cars look the same and that’s the beauty of it! If we need to establish peace among religions, then let me remind you again, that cars have also become a religion, be it, BMW, Merce, Audi, etc. I don’t know about any of you guys, but God forbid, Nagar Palika don’t you fill them potholes!


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