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  1. A Brief History: Salon International De l'auto

A Brief History: Salon International De l'auto

02nd March 2016
A Brief History: Salon International De l'auto

Salon international de l'auto aka the Geneva Motor Show aka the Swiss Motor Show is all set to start with a blitzkrieg of lineup. It now seems like all the roads will lead to Geneva from 3rd March to 13th March 2016. The top names of the auto industry will be lining up for the Europe's auto event of the year. Bugatti, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Bentley, BMW, you simply name the auto brand worth any salt and you will find it there. Even the charm and envy of all the big shot car companies, Tesla Motors, too will be showcasing its motor muscle at the show.

A Brief History Salon International De l'auto Source:

Geneva Motor Show is an annual auto event held in the city of Geneva in the Swiss Alps since the 1900's. The first show was held in the year of 1905 and since then has showcased most of the internal combustion engine ever built in the world. Being a European event, it offers the Carmakers from around the world a grander and neutral stage to showcase their mean machines at the show. It also helps that the Swiss don't have an active auto industry of their own and hence car makers from around the world treat it as an important annual event.

A Brief History Salon International De l'auto Source:

Let us trace back the history of one of the most important and consistent motor shows of the world. The first show was held in the city of Geneva from April 29, 1905 to May 7, 1905. The main team behind the show's founding members were Paul Buchet (Michelin's general agent in Switzerland at the time), Geneva businessman Albert Vassali; and young engineer Jules Mégevet, who was both the owner of a car-accessories company and the President of the resurrected Swiss Trade Union Chamber for the Automobile Industry. The trio along with the help of many others managed to host the first show with 59 exhibitors showing their wares and with over 17,000 people visiting, assuring that it is a roaring success.

A Brief History Salon International De l'auto Source:

Interestingly the third installment of the motor show in the year of 1907 was held in Zurich instead of Geneva. And unfortunately the fourth show wouldn't be held for another 15 years or so due to the difficult times back in the day. People of the world were able to experience the Geneva Motor show again only in the year of 1923. And by the mid 1930, it became a globally famous event attracting more than 200 exhibitors and rendering the "Palais des Expositions" small for the large amount of crowds and vehicles lining up for the world.

The Geneva Motor Show differs from the other renowned motor shows of the world because it still continues to be held every year instead of the twice yearly events of the Tokyo, Detroit or Frankfurt shows. And more or less it is an international and comparatively neutral event where all the car companies of the world are vying for attention on an even ground. In short, it is every motorheads' dream event, where the world's top notch the car companies are fighting with each other to grab the eyeballs.

A Brief History Salon International De l'auto Source:

The lineup is massive and the buildup is intense. Don't sit back and relax, it's time to fill up the tank and go for the automotive nirvana waiting on the streets of Geneva.


Salon International De l'auto

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