Cruise Control – How Effective for Indian Roads?

Apr 04, 2018
Cruise Control – How Effective for Indian Roads?

Available in almost every luxury car, cruise control has gained popularity in the recent past and this could be the reason why affordable carmakers too have started offering this feature in their drives. But in India, driving at a particular speed without any human interference is quite next to impossible, especially in the metropolitan cities. So, let’s check out the relevance of cruise control on Indian roads:

Challenges a driver face on a long drive – A driver on a long drive faces the twin problems of fatigue and lack of concentration. Researchers have found out that these two are the major contributors to highway accidents.

Technology at your disposal – To get a grip on this problem, vehicle manufacturers have invented a long list of features. One of these is the cruise control. This system, which was earlier found in many luxury cars, is increasingly being made available in mid-range cars as well.

Technology at your disposal

Working principle behind cruise control – The working principle behind this system is very simple. Here the driver uses the throttle to increase the speed of the car manually and then, with the help of the cruise control, fixes the speed and relax. The cruise control system will take over the function of the throttle and maintain the speed at a particular level throughout. All the driver need to do is keep the car steering steady so that it does not drift into oncoming traffic causing an accident.

Cruise control in Indian context – Cars are one of the best personal transporting vehicles we have at our disposal. However, if you have lived in any metropolitan city of India, you would have noticed how difficult the traffic condition is. The huge traffic jams, narrow roads, overcrowding on roads and very little traffic sense among drivers as well as pedestrians have made this task difficult and challenging.

huge traffic jams, narrow roads, overcrowding on roads

Do you really need this system – The answer to this question is very difficult as in many cars this feature comes as a part of the regular package. However, if you need to buy this as an optional feature, then you have to ask yourself – what kind of travel you will do with your car. If it would be mostly intercity travel, then giving this feature a go by is not such a bad idea. However, if you are planning to do extensive intercity travel on highways, then it is one of the essential features that you can think of.

Something is better than nothing – Although the importance of this feature in Indian traffic context is very limited, it is advisable to have this system on your car for you never know when you will find yourself in need of this not-so-expensive system.

cruise control solve the problem

Does adaptive cruise control solve the problem – One new technology, called the adaptive cruise control, can be used even in the challenging Indian traffic conditions. Here the cruise control is mated with sensors, which constantly check the speed of the vehicle in front and instruct the cruise control system to increase or decrease the speed to match the vehicle in front to avoid any accident.

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