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  1. If The Shoe Fits, It Must Be A BMW M Coupe

If The Shoe Fits, It Must Be A BMW M Coupe

23rd March 2016

“Someone said, life is racing and everything else is just waiting. The times when I’m not bored is when I’m flying, when I’m flying my hang glider, when I’m racing the M Coupe—because all of a sudden the world moves up to my speed.” Says Airline pilot Alex McCulloch. His love for flying high and his love for flying in the air takes towards travelling fast and light which explains a lot about the BMW M Coupe. “You cannot challenge yourself on public roads safely, The rare BMW fits in nicely with other obscure pursuits: cross-country, long-distance hang gliding, a sport that allows Alex to be in a movie” Modified only a tad bit, the BMW M Coupe is light and fast. It’s everything that Alex wants.

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