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  1. Supercars Do France

Supercars Do France

21st April 2016

The boys, Jeremy, Richard and James, are back to amaze us again with their spectacular wit and of course the amazing cars. Taking the Pagani Zonda, the Ferrari F430 & the Ford GT - to France's Millau Bridge in this epic supercar review challenge is the theme for the day. As always the boys face the regular ups and downs even if it is getting the supercars out of the multi storey car park or having to fill the tank again and again. But in the end they do shine like a star but not brighter than their drives. Races and reviews always have been an object of fancy since times immemorial and this video will certainly take you back to the days when watching the latest review was all you wanted. So take out time from your busy schedule and reminiscence the good old days.

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