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  1. Climbing A Dam In A Land Rover

Climbing A Dam In A Land Rover

16th March 2016

"Next time when you are late for work, remember nothing gets in the way 0f a Land Rover" were the famous lines of the TV commercial that Land Rover came up with in 1995. The commercial gone viral showed the series 1 Land Rover climbing the dam. The intention behind the ad was to let people know that when it come to a Land Rover, it is unstoppable it is as they say, a truly all terrain car. This time around Top Gear has effectively replicated the ad and even more effectively pointed out the small technical aspects that have to be kept in mind and weren't obviously shown in the advertisement. A second engine which adjust itself when the car goes vertical and a pulley to assist the car climb. This is one in a lifetime, well second technically, experience so go and watch the video right now!

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