The First Review of 2015 BMW 3 Series

Jun 27, 2018
The First Review of 2015 BMW 3 Series

BMW launched the latest version of the much spoken 3 series in 2015.Arguably, this is the best of this series so far.Considering the fact that this series was officially launched in 2012, this new sixth generation model has left the previously launched models look a bit left over and shallow.

Many other brands had done the same sort of revamping in their well known previously launched models. For instance, Mercedes and its fourth generation C Class, Jaguar and their new XE and Audi's fifth generation A4.

With the sales on the slide, BMW had no option but to hit back with something on a similar front. So here we are, BMW hit the road with an uplifted version of the 3-series in both Sedan and the wagon body structure.

With some subtle changes here and there, this BMW's best selling model gets revamped with some quality changes in the engine, bringing about a much power-packed version of the world-renowned German car manufacturer's turbocharged 3.0-litre inline six-cylinder in a new range-topping 340i model.

The style changes are very minute and hence it might as well be a bit hard to figure them out unless you are a big time BMW 3 series fan.Some of them being a structured bumper,altered headlamp graphics, revised tail lamps and a new set of alloys that will definitely make you wonder.

Talking about the power, well, this car shows some e0-100km/h milestone is reached in a mere 5.1 seconds.With the eight-speed auto- gear box, the 340i is 0.4 seconds faster than the traditional acceleration benchmark that the old 335i maintained.Despite the engine upgrades, the top speed remains stagnant at 250 kmph just like its predecessor.

Here is a clear presentation of the specifications of this 2015 BMW 340i

On sale: December 2015

Price: To Be Confirmed

Engine: 3.0-litre six-cylinder turbo petrol

Power: 240 kW at 5500 rpm

Torque: 450 Nm at 1380-5000 rpm

Transmission: Eight-speed automatic, RWD

Fuel use: 6.5L/100km

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