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  1. The F1 W07 Hybrid: Mercedes Unveils its ‘Amazing’ 2016 Formula 1 Car

The F1 W07 Hybrid: Mercedes Unveils its ‘Amazing’ 2016 Formula 1 Car

24th February 2016
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It's that time of year again when speed lovers become restless; their heart rate is all time high; there is an atmosphere of roaring engine, grit and flying cars; YES! You guessed it right. We are definitely talking about Formula 1.

The wait is over since all the big auto brands have started showcasing their giant F1 cars to the world. Recently, Mercedes organized an official launch for its 2016 Formula 1 challenger with a sole aim for (as the makers say) "optimization absolutely everywhere".

Champions at Work

Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton (he is the 2008, 2014 and 2015 world champion) and German racing driver Nico Rosberg were also at the promotional event. The champs flaunted the F1 W07 Hybrid and took it for its first taste on the track clocking up at less than 100kms at Silverstone.

To be 'PERFECT' You Need to Practice 'PERFECTION'

Formula 1 Car Source:

Since Mercedes has been lifting the last two constructors' championships and Hamilton winning the driver's titles consecutively for two years, we assume that the company and champion duo has made winning a habit and are all set to break their own records and creating hattrick this year.

However, according to the technical executive director Paddy Lowe, Mercedes is anything but over-confident and that's why still starving for perfection.

In Lowe's words, "After a highly successful season all round in 2015, our priority has been to identify the areas in which we were weakest and to try to improve on those".

The Director's words definitely echo company's aim for excellence. He further added, "Our objective is excellence in all areas and, while we had some fantastic results last year, there are many areas in which we can still be much better. That's the kind of culture we try to instill throughout the whole organization - one of constantly striving to reach something better".

Reaffirming this year's motto, Lowe said, "We are seeking optimization absolutely everywhere".

Lewis Hamilton Describes the Mercedes' 2016 F1 Car as 'AMAZING'

Lewis Hamilton Source:

This week started with the F1 cars' testing, where the F1 W07 was put through its first test-drive at Barcelona's Catalunya circuit with the world champion Hamilton at the wheel. The champ completed 156 laps on day 1, which was equivalent of two race distances at Barcelona. Hamilton later pronounced the Mercedes F1 W07 as 'AMAZING' car.

Hamilton cheerfully quoted, "It's been an amazing day, and I've never had a Day One practice like today. To get in a new car and have no problems is just a remarkable job by the team. So, for me, it was encouraging".

It seems that Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton was spellbound with his new Mercedes hybrid on day one of pre-season testing in Barcelona.

Last year, after seizing championship title, Hamilton had put across his concern with the car and demanded some drastic changes on W06.

"There was something Lewis Hamilton didn't like on the car at the end of last year," informed Sky F1's Ted Kravitz before test-drive of the new W07 started at the Circuit de Catalunya. "He needs to understand this car and he will know within the first two or three laps whether it has same suspension characteristics he didn't get on with last year or if it is a completely new start."

Both Hamilton and Rosberg will test-drive the car and see if there is any issue to be fixed before they take the big game by storm.

So, all of you speed junkies, hold your breath as Mercedes and its unbeatable champions are on fire to embrace the Formula 1 championship title once again. All the big shots and top contenders will come together to put us a show of passion and speed.

Get ready to witness a real life 'fast and furious' action!

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