Russian President Vladimir Putins New Limo Appeared Ahead of 2017 Release

Jan 01, 1970
Russian President Vladimir Putins New Limo Appeared Ahead of 2017 Release

The Russian President knows how to remain in the headlines and this time it’s his car that has brought him in the limelight. No! Not for his investments through the Mossack Fonseca but for something else for which the president of the US is also popular. Yes, now you high the right cord; the Limousine made in Russia for the Russian President has been unveiled, though the company will start its delivery from the year 2017.

Well, we must appreciate the man and his luck to deviate all media’s attention from the scandal to his CAR. The news has come right at the time when the whole world is going gaga over the international money laundering scandal – the Panama papers – where Vladimir Putin is said to have around $2 billion in the accounts off-shore.

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With the name Kortezh (Cortege), the new Limousine of the President Putin will be powered by Porsche that will be the in charge of the development of the Kortezh’s powermill, as confirmed by Denis Manturov, the Commerce and Industry Minister, however the exact engine configuration and make will remain a mystery until the limo will see the light of the day next year. The rumor mill, though is expecting a V12 Turbo engine churning out a maximum power of 800HP.

The good part of the news is that the company manufacturing the Limo for the Russian president will not produce a single piece like the President Barack Obama’s Cadillac that is more popular with the name “Beast”. Under the Kortezh project, the automaker will produce a total number of 4000-5000 pieces for each of the four different styles, namely Limousine, SUV, Sedan and Minivan. A total of $54 million budget was allocated this year for this project, wherein Russian-made vehicles for the transportation of the top government officials will be manufactured.

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Well unlike the President Obama’s Cadillac, this Russian-made Porsche powered Limousine will be available to the masses, of course those who can afford it. In first case, mere 200 units will be rolled out of the production line next year followed by the remaining ones rolling off by the end of the decade.

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The production of the Limo will start in the year 2017 in Moscow at the Central Scientific Research Automobile and Automotive Engines Institute (NAMI). The delivery of the Limousine is likely to start in the late 2017 and will linger on till the early 2018, where the model for President Putin will be taken out from the initial batch.

As of now, no other luxury brands such as Audi, BMW, Jaguar, etc. are offering their SUVs in the form of standard petrol variants. It will be quite interesting to see how this step by Mercedes will bring the other competitors down into the arena, thus creating another successful story for the German legend.

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