Mercedes Unveiled its Maybach S600 Pullman Guard Limo Ahead of Paris Motor Show

Jan 01, 1970
Mercedes Unveiled its Maybach S600 Pullman Guard Limo Ahead of Paris Motor Show

A good piece of news for the dictators or humbly speaking the Heads of State, as the German carmaker, Mercedes-Benz, has finally lifted the curtains off from its highly awaited and armored limousine – Maybach S600 Pullman Guard. Mercedes-Maybach, the uber-premium segment of Mercedes-Benz, has made the bombproof derivative of its highly luxurious Mercedes S600 Pullman that was debuted at the Geneva Motor Show this year. The company will showcase the car at the upcoming Paris Motor Show, which is kickstarting at the end of this month.

As far as the price is concerned, nothing official has came out yet, but the uber-luxurious limousine is expected to be tagged with a hefty tag of EUR 1.4 million in Germany, which is roughly calculated to Rs. 10.45 crore (excluding taxes, of course).

Similar to its siblings, Maybach S600 Pullman Guard will also be offensively priced, heavily armored and will come with VR9 bulletproof protection for the body as well as the glass, which means its occupants will be highly safe during an attack as the limo can also withstand rounds from an assault rifle. To achieve this safety, Mercedes-Benz has strengthen the doors of the limo by placing a heavy armor plating inside the cavity and this makes the door so weighty that people who are operating it will require the help of the electric motors. To shield the occupants from a landmine blast, the floor of S600 Pullman Guard is also reinforced like the doors.

The grandiose sedan from the house of Stuttgart-based automaker will be capable of keeping its passengers safe even if 15kgs of TNT is exploded in an area of 2-meter (6.5 feet) around the beast as it comes with Directive ERV 2010 blast rating. All these military grade protections will make the limo as heavy as a tank with an expected weight of 5.1 tonnes and this probably will make S600 Pullman Guard one of the bulkiest limousines ever made, but that is for good reason.

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If you are mistaken by the fact that such heavy weight and too many security features will affect the speed of the vehicle and in turn cause problem during the escape situation, then you are highly mistaken. The beast will draw energy from a 6.0-litre V12 biturbo engine that delivers a maximum power of 515bhp and a peak torque of 830Nm.

Car aficionados can satiate their lust to see the car with naked eyes at the nearing 2016 Paris Motor Show, but those who want to purchase the car will have to wait till the second half of 2017, as the company will start delivering the vehicle from then. There is no word on its availability for the Indian market but India already has a better option in terms of a regular sedan – Maybach S600 Guard – which in any case is provides enhanced ballistic protection than the Pullman version and is also very cost effective.

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Mercedes-Maybach S600 Pullman Guard is by far the best vehicular protection that can be provided to the heads of state, dictators and royalties. Our respected President, Shri Pranab Mukherjee, is also using a Mercedes product – Mercedes-Benz S600 Pullman Guard (W221) – as an official state car, whereas our Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, is using a BMW 760Li High Security edition to travel around the city.

How the new Mercedes-Benz Maybach S600 Pullman Guard is different and superior from the already existing contemporary cars only the time will tell, but for now enjoy the sexy look the car is born with!

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