Mercedes-Benz India to Roll-back C-class Sedan for Safety Issues

Jan 01, 1970
Mercedes-Benz India to Roll-back C-class Sedan for Safety Issues


Mercedes-Benz India has issued a roll-back of its C-Class sedans that were in production during the year 2008 to 2009 due to some fault in the airbag control unit. The company has issued a statement stating that the SRS control unit needs to be replaced. Only the authorized service centers of Mercedes can resolve the issue, hence the owners of C-Class sedan with the above mentioned production year are required to visit the same to get the replacement done. The time required in the process will be approximately 4 to 5 hours and the service is free of any cost.

The German carmaker has taken the step considering the issues faced during the deployment of airbags. The glitch can bring the airbags in effect anytime when not required and in cases when the airbags are required it might not come into action.

Mercedes-Benz India has issued a statement dated 16th April 2016, which states, "In the process, we found that on your vehicle a function impairment of the SRS control unit may occur. Therefore, we wish to replace the SRS control unit on your vehicle as a precautionary measure. We kindly request you to make an appointment as soon as possible with our Service Advisor. The required work will take approximately 4 hours." It further stated, "Please be informed that the required work will be carried out free of charge. We apologize for this additional workshop visit and ask for your understanding in this matter."

Here is the glimpse of the letter issued by Mercedes-Benz to its valuable C-class customers:


This is not the first time that the German automaker is recalling its C-class, the compact executive cars, as in the beginning of the year 2016, Mercedes-Benz USA callback 28,452 units of its 2015 C300 4MATIC and 2015 C400 4MATIC sedans that were manufactured between January 27, 2014 to December 1, 2014. In those models, the issue was with the software of the electric power steering control unit that can result in the failure of power steering assist.

Also, back in March 2015, the company recalled the 3,039 units of the same two C-Class models to fix the glitches with fuel delivery module in the US.

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Mercedes is not the only car manufacturer that has taken this step as recently Ford too rolled-back around 40,000 units of its Figo and Figo Aspire over the software issue with RCM (Restraint Control Module) that takes care of the working of airbags.

Also not to forget the famous dieselgate scandal done by Volkswagen that ultimately resulted in the recalling of its affected vehicles all over the globe. The automaker recalled nearly lakhs of its vehicles that were violating the CO2 emission norms.

It seems like the automakers throughout the globe are getting accustomed to the trend of vehicles callback as the world famous Tesla motors, renowned for introducing state-of-the-art technologies with its models, too fall in this list. It rolled-back its Model S cars that had a very minor issue with the rear seatbelt.

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The Supreme Court of India has given the last deadline till 30th April, 2016 to these taxi drivers to convert their diesel cars to compressed Natural Gas (CNG). Earlier the Apex court was banning the diesel cabs and taxis from April 1, 2016 but later on it extended the timeline to give enough time to private taxi drivers to get their vehicles converted to the said engine.

To find a mid-way among the ongoing chaos in the nation's capital, the centre has assured that it will ask the Supreme Court to reconsider its decision as the ban is affecting many of the daily commuters, especially those who are working in IT firms and BPOs and have night shifts as they don't find any safe public transport at night.

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