Mercedes-Benz E-class Receives Environmental Certificate for Reduced Emission of CO2

Nov 27, 2017
Mercedes-Benz E-class Receives Environmental Certificate for Reduced Emission of CO2

After receiving accolades and awards for its various models such as B-class, S-class, etc. for being environment friendly, the German automaker, Mercedes, has again received environmental certificate from the South German technical Inspection Authority for its E-class for its commendable work in the reduced emission of CO2. The model in talk here is Mercedes-Benz E220d.

Mercedes is among one of those responsible carmakers who pay complete attention on the environment and focus on building products that are not only environment friendly when on road but also live up to the expectation during the production phase too. E220d was under the vigilance since it entered the production phase and the company continued to monitor it till the time it has covered 2,50,000 kilometers and during its recycling process.

The data so collected states that the car has an NEDC consumption of 3.9-liters of Carbon-dioxide per 100kms, which means only 39ml CO2 is emitted that is at least 30% lesser than the previous models awarded with this certificate. C200 Coupe and C300 Coupe release 51ml and 56ml of CO2 – figures that fall at the higher side.

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The outstanding environment-friendly performance and high efficiency of Mercedes-Benz E class owes to the intelligent package of measures adopted, which include need-dependent energy management, newly developed 4-cylinder diesel powertrain, best aerodynamics in its segment, 9-stage automatic 9G-TRONIC tranny and the reduced weight.

Not only Mercedes paid attention to the environment’s health but also on the wellbeing of the vehicle owners and passengers for which it selected materials that are high on quality and meet the standards set by the company. Allergy prevention is one such measure adopted during the developmental phase of the car. This is the reason why Mercedes E-class has also been awarded with the ECARF Seal of Quality from the European Center for Allergy Research Foundation, which means that the car is safe for the allergy sufferers.

The technical team at Mercedes has paid full attention to each and every part of the car to make it allergy-free for which the team has done a dermatological test on all the materials that are being used in the making of the E220d.


On the occasion, Anke Kleinschmit, Chief of Research & Chief Environmental Officer, Daimler Group, said, “We analyze the environmental compatibility of our models throughout their entire life cycle – from production, through their long years of service, to recycling at the end of their useful lives. That analysis goes far beyond the legal requirements. For our aim is products which are particularly environmentally friendly in their market segment. As a result the E-Class has received the Environmental Certificate from the South German Technical Inspection Authority.”

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