Golden Fleet from Middle East Hit London for Supercar Season

Jan 01, 1970
Golden Fleet from Middle East Hit London for Supercar Season

This year the spring in London will be all dipped in glitz as the supercar ‘Season’ is about to start. Yes, ‘The Season’ in which the filthy rich millionaires from the Middle East arrive London to enjoy their holidays and most importantly to escape from the suffocating hot temperature at their homeland. These petrol-heads every year descend to London to exhibit their lavish life to the Londoners who are annoyed with the noisy anti-social love of the Middle East millionaires. The locals call this supercar season ‘The Ramadan Rush’ as the rich class from Gulf States flees down each year to celebrate the Islamic calendar’s season of holy fasting, which is expected to kick start from June 6 this year.

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Since their arrival in the dream city of the UK, these gas guzzlers are attracting everybody’s attention, mostly in the negative way. Many parking tickets have been issued against these supercars for falling foul of the law. The golden Lamborghini Aventador, the cost of which is estimated to be more than £350,000, has recently been charged with a parking ticket costing £80 for parking the car for more than 6 hours in an area where the maximum time allowed is for 2 hours only. On the other hand, A Bugatti Veyron of worth £1.4 million was charged with a parking ticket of £130.

The Kensington and Chelsea Council that fined the car with parking ticket has ensured to follow up on each ticket issued against these foreigner supercars to make sure that the payment is done on time.

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A total of 6 gold-vinyl-wrapped supercars have arrived the English soil, some of which belong to the well-recognized Saudi Turki Bin Abdullah. Among the fleet, 4 golden beauties have been estimated with a worth of $1.5 million each, which include a Rolls Royce, a Bentley Flying Spur, a Lamborghini Aventador and a terminator-sized 6-wheel Mercedes G63 6x6. All these cars were seen parked either outside the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hyde Park or at various locations of Kensington.

Though nothing is confirmed, some experts have estimated that the cost of covering the supercars in gold chrome wrap is somewhere around £4,000 per car. In fact, for these superbly rich Middle East millionaires the parking tickets should be treated as the parking fees as long as they keep current with the raft of fines.

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With the gold wrapped cars roaming around in one of the most expensive party towns, the work of London traffic wardens has increased a bit but without these golden beauties flooding the roads, the city will look much poorer. These luxury vehicles have now become the yearly part of the London’s calendar, which also signals the change of season in the Middle East as well as in the UK.

The wealthy petrol-head tourists travelling from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the Emirates rejuvenate the heart of the UK with their personal fleets and also give the car-spotters and paparazzi their much awaited shot.

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