Dubai police out in their best on Eid

Jun 27, 2018
Dubai police out in their best on Eid

Its Eid Al Fitr an Islamic festival and all the residents of Dubai are out to celebrate this Islamic holiday. This poses a challenge for the Dubai police's tourist patrols as they face their busiest season of the year. This challenging prospect has its own perks where the Police get a chance to show-off their exotic rides and grabs many eye-balls in the process. The streets of Dubai are on fire with their high performance V8 and V12 engines.

Soon after the last meal (iftar), the locals are invited to go on patrol with a host of exotic luxury cars like the the Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid, the plug-in hybrid BMW i8, and the Mercedes G63. The latest addition to supercars fleet is the McLaren MP4-12C, which is all set to hit the roads with its supercar counterparts.

Besides all the glitz and glamour of Dubai, these supercars take the icing on the cake and are the center of attraction for tourist and locals alike. The officers simply come in their glittering hot wheels, greet locals and tourists, interact with them and to the surprise of the gathered take selfies with people with an interest for these cars..

Maj Gen Anas Al Matrooshi, director of the transport and rescue department, added that the supercars are to promote the image of Dubai Police and create an atmosphere of openness and friendship by allowing the public to interact with the authorities.

Within minutes of the arrival of the supercar at the renowned Armani Hotel, Dubai Police officers and their supercars were surrounded by the eager crowd present. Lt Obaid bin Abed and Lt Maitha Al Muhairy, of the tourist police patrols section stood alongside the supercars wishing visitors on Eid Al Fitr and taking photographs with them while-in uniform.

Although, it was a day of celebrations, the police officers were still required to go on tourist patrols and assisted visitors in case of any emergency. Lt Obaid bin Abed added, "if in case a person's car breaks down on the side of the road, I will stop, secure the area and make sure that he gets the required attention that he needs".

During the holidays, the Dubai Police and their supercars are ever present, even at a small tourist places where a small amount of people gather. The officers approached with enquiries into their supercars. The luxury fleet targets the main tourist attractions, such as Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach Road.

Thankee riana, 41, a bystander, shares his experience by adding, "the police officers were friendly and approachable" and also added the he was excited to show them to his son who recently joined him in Dubai.

One of three female police patrol officers, Lt Al Muhairi said, "we want to show people, especially children, that the Dubai Police force is not to be feared. Our job is not to just pursue suspects but we are here to serve the public and we are here to not only to make them feel safe and secure but also to be happy."

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