DC Design Reveals Modification Pack for Mahindra Thar

Apr 19, 2018
DC Design Reveals Modification Pack for Mahindra Thar

Mahindra has been a popular brand not for its cars but for its Thar SUV that is the father of all SUVs. Termed to be the best off-roader for Indian roads, Mahindra Thar has been a popular choice among the car fanatics for off-roading activities. Enhancing the quotient further of this kickass vehicle, the king of customization, DC Design, has recently announced a customisation pack for this off-roader, which doesn’t include any changes in the internal organs of the vehicle.

Mahindra Thar SUV source - aeplcdn

As far as the engine specs are concerned, the SUV will retain its original configuration as the customization will be done on the outer body only, thus you can say it is a cosmetic update. The images revealed show that DC Design has given a hard top to the Thar and to complement the same has added integrated driving lamps. Where the custom carmaker has completely given a new look to the front end with a new bumper and a new grille, the rear side has received a new pair of LED units that are high mounted and have angular shape. The rear taillight too has been tailored to suit the larger wheels.

In order to make up the sport quotient of the vehicle, DC Design is expected to include fog lamps for the front bumper.

Mahindra Thar SUV source - aeplcdn

As of now, the company has revealed the complete details about the changes but we are expecting the all new refurbished and customized Mahindra Thar to come with premium leather upholstery along with an infotainment system supporting touchscreen functionality. Designed by DC Design, you can expect the Thar to be loaded with latest and hi-tech gizmos and features and we are assuming that many car enthusiasts might be interested in owning this version.

For the unversed, Mahindra Thar comes powered by a 2.5-litre diesel motor that is synced with a 5-speed manual tranny. DC Design is supposed to share the remaining information about the customized vehicle in the coming days.

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