Audi Q5 Ready to Take Mercedes Benz GLC Head On

Jun 28, 2018
Audi Q5 Ready to Take Mercedes Benz GLC Head On

Audi has introduced its new model, Audi Q5 that will be launched in H2 2016 and is being compared to Mercedes-Benz GLC, the upcoming Jaguar F-Pace and the BMW X3 by critics.

The Light Weight Uber-Cool Car

Audi Q5's engine will have longitudinal layout, same as used by A4. Audi Q5 is light in weight, but it doesn't mean that the vehicle lacks in any dimension of luxury or safety. The news has been doing the rounds that this model will be 100kgs lighter than the similar models of its arch rivals and it is the slimmest structure of Audi, which weighs only 1,620kgs.

Awesome In Exteriority

Audi Q5's exterior Source:

The new Audi Q5's exterior will be inspired by that of the second Gen Audi Q7. It has been packed with lots of safety features, from the heat insulating glass to first-aid kit and lot more, just to make your ride safe and secure.

Its front overhang has been reduced by using MLB platform and its wheelbase has been lengthened that results in more space in its interiors and its broad exterior does not affect its interior space.

Audi Q5 has thick looks as compared to Audi Q7. It has remarkable wheel arch flares and grapevine that has a bulkier shoulder crease running along the flanks. Its roof-line is based on SUV.

Torque of the Town

cabin of Audi Q5 Source:

From the inside, the cabin of Audi Q5 is following the structure of A4 in a large amount. Even the Nvidia graphics processor on the dashboard is similar. Audi has offered virtual cockpit instrument panel and the usage of Google maps in the navigation system in Q5.

While Audi has represented Q5 as a four-wheel drive, its engine options are to be presented by front wheel drive. There is no such modification in cylinder petrol and diesel engines. Both A4 and Q5 possess the same, that is, 4-cylinder petrol and diesel engine, each, but its petrol V6 has collaboration with Porsche on a joint project.

The A4's suspension setup is a five-link system that is present on the front as well as the rear and will continue to be the same, but Q5 has been designed with self-leveling air suspension.

It has also been heard that Audi is thinking to make another version of Q5 that will be a Quattro GmbH tuned version. Audi will manufacture this version with a twin-turbo version of V6 petrol engine that can give up to 500bhp of power and can go up to 100kmph from a standstill in just 4.5 seconds. It will also have stiffer chassis settings and a more confronting shift mode for its automatic transmission. It will result in conventional performance for Q5 and SQ5 and they will be able to continue as diesel ones. The 306bhp 3.0-liter V6 diesel engine that is currently running in SQ5 will be tune again and will produce approx 325bhp of max power.

Mexico, China and India will be the producers of the new Audi Q5. The car will be unveiled in the second half of the year and its venue will be the Paris Motor Show.

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