Audi India is set to take off with new cars below A3, Q3 By 2021

May 18, 2018
Audi India is set to take off with new cars below A3, Q3 By 2021

Audi India has chosen to invasion into the section level extravagance auto advertise with new items situated beneath the Audi A3 (its entrance level vehicle) and the Q3 (its entrance level SUV). Slated to be accessible by 2021, we expect the costs of the new models to fall in the Rs 20 lakh-30 lakh section.
The affirmation originates from Audi India's head, Rahil Ansari. He purportedly stated, "with a specific end goal to pick up client base, we will present items in the volume portion, beneath A3 and Q3, in the following 2-3 years."

Taking a gander at its worldwide portfolio, Audi has the A1 territory (A1, S1, A1 Sportback and S1 Sportback) and the Audi Q2 SUV beneath the A3 and Q3. These could be the models that can come to India. The extravagance carmaker as of late indicated the likelihood of a SUV under the Q2 too however we don't anticipate that it will be uncovered before 2020.

Audi is preparing the new 2019 A1 hatchback, which is relied upon to be uncovered later in 2018. The new A1 is relied upon to ride on Volkswagen Group's littlest variant of the MQB stage - the MQB A0. Strangely, Volkswagen has effectively affirmed that this stage will be limited in India and we expect the first of the autos on this particular stage (MQB A0 IN) to hit the Indian market by 2020. Other than the A1, the up and coming sub-Audi Q2 SUV/hybrid is likewise anticipated that would ride on this stage as it were.

It stays to be seen whether Audi has plans to locally fabricate its entrance level contributions in India or keep bringing them as CKD units. On the off chance that it oversees nearby creation, the carmaker will have a major favourable position over other extravagance carmakers as it will have the capacity to deal with a close amazing passage cost into the universe of extravagance autos. Audi as of now appreciates the upside of being the main extravagance carmaker to offer an item in this portion as none of its adversaries - Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volvo and Lexus - offer an item in the A1 territory. On the off chance that restricted, expect the passage level Audi to cost around the Rs 20 lakh stamp.

On the off chance that you aggravate the costs of the A1 territory (UK) to Indian rupees, it falls between the Rs 15.50 – Rs 26.20 lakh section, though the Q2 costs Rs 20.5 lakh. At display, Audi's most moderate offering in India is the A3, which falls in the Rs 32 lakh – Rs 35.44 lakh value run. Its entrance level SUV, the Q3, begins from Rs 33.4 lakh.

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