Aston Martin to Build New SUV in Wales to Retain its ‘All British Characteristic

Jan 01, 1970
Aston Martin to Build New SUV in Wales to Retain its ‘All British Characteristic

The all British Aston Martin, which is such an integral part of the British people, has announced a plan to build its next SUV crossover model in Wales.

According to the company sources, when the plan was being made to set-up a factory for the production of this crossover, the top management of Aston Martin looked at several possible locations, including China, Europe and America.

However, they zeroed on to St Athan, located at the southern tip of Wales, which is presently under the United Kingdom ministry of defense (Known as super hangers). The reason for choosing this site was stated to be its proximity to the company's headquarter in Gaydon.

Aston Martin Gaydon Headquarter Source:

This factory, as per sources, which will start operating in full swing from 2020, will provide 1000 new jobs directly at the factory and it is estimated that an additional 3000 jobs will be created in the supply chain.

The new crossover SUV is believed to be called Lagonda and is expected to be the last model that the company will produce in its second century turnaround plan for the company.

Top officials of Aston Martin are planning to achieve around 15,000 sales annually of this vehicle. This factory is a part of the $279 million investment decision taken by the top management that also includes upgradation of the company's present unit in Gaydon, England, which is also being readied for next-generation sports car fleet by the manufacturer.

The electric version of the Rapide is also expected to be manufactured the same plant of Gaydon, which is due in 2018.

Boost to the Local Industry

Aston Martin Rapide Source:

This investment comes as a new boost to the automotive industry of the UK, which was slowly being pushed to the margins by other car manufacturers, who have shifted plants to places like India and China to get the advantage of cheap labor.

Aston Martin cars are mostly handcrafted and so the requirement for more skilled labor is huge, which will subsequently improve the industrial ecosystem of that area.

As per the official sources, the company is planning to produce around 7,000 units when this factory starts production and is also looking at the possibility to create newer models in this site.

It is also learnt that the planned site has the infrastructure to ramp up the production significantly, if the market for this crossover increases.

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