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  1. The Regained booty : Porsche 718 Boxster

The Regained booty : Porsche 718 Boxster

21st March 2018
The Regained booty : Porsche 718 Boxster

“Revival of the notable milestones that once were an episodic happening from the old lang syne is worth a sharpening tactic for refining the “become seasoned” phenomenality…….which will get you over the bridge in quantum jumps”!

Bringing to fruition is… Stuttgart’s applauded eponym ….known by the name of Porsche that very well knows the mastery right stuffs to up its tools of trade to move one step closer to acquiring that undeniable streak of recording yet another opus of originality in its whole hog list of inventions.
They keep increasing from time to time!

Does that evoke a “beg your pardon” formality…..come on, if you are a bitter ender automotive addict, grasping the above phrase won’t really be counted as leaving you in a perplexed state…

the 718 Boxster

We’ll make it easy for you!!
It’s the 718 Boxster!!!
A staunch reason for the revered critics to fancy and dwell deep into the big twist in the tale….only the nomenclature, no, the change of course from a zealous flat six naturally aspirated motor to a presto turbo charged unit….

source - you tube

That’s Porsche’s way of taking care of the emission norms world over while inviting the same euphoric verbalizations for a scintillating reassurance that yes….it has nailed it this time.
Taking it further, we are back on track for an exciting five “point of views” to consider (Remember the 2011 Maserati Quattroporte) that entails going through the entire lock stock and barrels for the new kid on the block.

1. A perfect companion for the town hair triggers?

Porsche 718 Boxster

Frankly, the 718 has got oodles of “on the dot” disposition that quickly makes it an unflagging apt whippersnapper that’ll do its bit in anting up your “ahead of time” arrivals!

That’s an unpretentious, come again, free spirited soul which is put to use through the renowned and all time mid- engine philosophy; A 2 litre turbocharged flat four motor with a zesty 300 HP and 380 Nm on tap which goes gung ho to one’s doubly quick intentions. An open invitation to have a dry run for some fast and furious engagement on the clear sailing stretches.
But don’t get the passerby folks running scared!!!

The dandy PDK transmission

The dandy PDK transmission adds to your extra “just for kicks” takeaways with its unfaltering change of gears that truly merits a garland of praises.

the Porsche

Experimenting with the launch control and going flat out will leave no doubters of the 718’s sharp as a tack chassis that has been suitably worked up for those desired one timer jaunts which are soon to become an everyday affair.

Garnering a hefty dose of eyeballs, the Porsche has got everything to turn your head as you indulge in one of the most emphatic expeditions with its soft top open and adding to the flavor is a nice tickled pink sound from the exhaust (you can settle upon the flavorsome optional sports ducts too!) which gets more ferocious as one climbs up the rev range.

Porsche 718 Boxster

Ah! It has the means to send you on a full- fledged globe- trotting for sure!

2. Any unusual bits?

Noticing…noticing…do we have to praise Porsche for its ingenuity or applaud the very fact that how the 718 has secured all the right tick marks in our listed parameter.
We are still on it!!!
And so will be you after driving one.

Porsche 718 Boxster

That will deserve a whole schmear of thinking and cognizance but at the end, extolments for both to the core, is what will suffice, leading to one after the other noteworthy specimens to be recorded for future carryovers.
But certainly there’s no word as nitpicking that exists in your dictionary when a Porsche goes over the top in its mesmerizing proceedings!
We’ve spotted one for you…That should tell you all.

3. What comes first to your mind when you see the 718?

Porsche 718 Boxster

To do a wholehearted elaboration of the two adjectives i.e. well chiseled and splendid in glowing terms on seeing this energetic pocket sized machine indulge in its full swiftly form.


It looks more lively and full of pep with some altered doses on the front such as the bi-xenon lights with the garish integrated LED DRLs (strike a pose with the gaudy ‘in town’ specimen doing the bit!) along with the standout and flashy air intakes.

bits and the jazzy rear end

Admiring the proportioned side bits and the jazzy rear end (the extraordinary spoiler) lend you to believe that they too aren’t really the inconspicuous ones when it comes to taking a share of the pie for the spotlighting.

inside for the 718

Porsche wants you to enjoy the best of functionalities and practicality with its anomalous ergonomic setup on the inside for the 718 that readily gets a green nod of approval courtesy the aiding fragments of involvement…..

the 718

Even the frill and over the top gadgetry lovers will let go off their infatuation for this elementary configuration that is soon to be included in the “wished for” catering to a yearning exploration.
Looks the part and feels the part! That’s the 718 in its elemental form.

4. Do you bother for the vast optional extras list?

Do you bother
So where does that put you?
Well that’s a test of how good your understanding is related to the nitty gritty bottom line pickings that Porsche has kept open for a worthwhile consideration.

They’ve put up the Communication Management System as standard but the navigation module is an extra paid for add on. Again, the options catalogue puts the ball in your court for a choicest pick between the two high end sound systems, Burmester or Bose, which is surely interesting. You might need a forthright advice from your fellow colleagues and social circle with regards to an up to date customization on the inside that would do the talking later for fetching a hefty premium.

Equipping the 718

Equipping the 718 with the ready to deliver gingerbreads such as the Porsche Active Suspension Management, Torque Vectoring and that groovy Power steering plus communicates the inherent intentions of sprucing up the beast for a wild haired performance aplomb.
Not to forget the sports chrono package with the mode switch.
That’s like going ten levels above the basics!

Withstanding the fact that your priced possession has an unparalleled and uncanny visage on the outside compared to the other 718’s of the town proves to show that you did your share of research work pretty well on the exterior loadings front that’s gets the grand labelling of a thoughtful praxis gone successful.

5. Money’s worth?

 the Porsche 718 Boxster

View it in isolation and focus on the strong suits in abundance that constitute the drool worthy package…..

There’s no faulting the 718 when it comes to sheer dynamics because the letter P knows the tricks to be the finest among all, that too counting on the proven superlative runs. (Think 911??)

A purist’s choice at the end of the day who wants to go full gallops with no strings attached. Stay with the tried and tested and see the difference.

 the Porsche 718 Boxster

Barring the extras, the Porsche 718 Boxster is more of a heart winning over the head sort of a call. Because it does the emotional luring anchoring so well!

It’s got so much going for itself and a lot can be said and done for its tempting price tag of under a crore that opens doors to more enthusiasts waiting for a lickety split doing with this fabulous creation.


Porsche 718 Boxster

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