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  1. Porsche 911 Carrera S: Stuttgart's playboy

Porsche 911 Carrera S: Stuttgart's playboy

07th June 2017
Porsche 911 Carrera S: Stuttgart's playboy

“Design must be functional, and functionality must be translated into visual aesthetics without any reliance on gimmicks that have to be explained. “ By Ferdinand Porsche

The quote by the legendary founder of the German luxury and sportscar maker Porsche, illustrates the brand's inherent philosophy and adopted practices while producing some of the finest examples that have duly made a mark for themselves.

Motivational intensification at the very beginning! 

Need more of that?

Surely it is on its way!

The sheer patronization and proclamation of the saying that “There is No Substitute” and “If one does not fail at times, then one has not challenged himself “ is proof enough of the company's love, passion and dedication towards automotive revolution and transformation to become leaders in world class technology and innovation.

The entire product lineup right from the herculean Cayenne and Macan SUVs, resplendent Panamera and to the exquisite series of sports cars have been immensely preferred by enthusiasts worldwide, courtesy their noteworthy series of good words in the respective segments to get the German P march with utmost amour-propre.

And amongst them is a low slung, two door coupe that truly thrills and excites and it is none other than the iconic 911 Carrera S!!!

We as staunch petrol heads surely wanted to experience the best offering from Porsche's stable and went ahead with a full -fledged exhaustive review.

The Exterior captivating looks

Let the enzyme instigating cute oval shaped headlamps unfurl the grand linkage to provide an instant reminiscence with the Porsche family.

The front end looks more appealing and purposeful than ever before with the addition of the daytime running LED light strip bar along with the direction indicators being placed above the flashy air intakes type replica( woooow! yes they are real, of course!).

When viewed from the side, the iconic design reminds us of the good old race track days where the car made a constant appearance.

And even in the present era, skillful touches along with the most gorgeous sloping roof line puts it on top of the awards list category contenders.

The ostentatious design clues such as the fuel pump lid being placed on the front right side has been worked upon well well to give a modern and up to the minute keep watching!

The bulky triple 5 spoke 20 inch alloy wheels go well with the character of this beast in totality.

The back end view is the most dramatic in our opinion as it has been worked upon extensively to garner attention on the road and indeed turn necks when this charmer cruises down the street.

The adorable rear appears comely with the majestic LED tail lights catch the eye with their slimmer and elongated shape . The dual oval shaped exhausts on either side are neatly integrated within the black housing. 

This 911 can certainly flaunt the ostentatious "stardom performer's" tag when it comes to the "name of the game" exterior parameter.

The three horizontal louvres look elegant with the topmost housing the central brake light. Actually good! Porsche's observative tactic to give it a different visual.

Imagine the streak of never ending repetitive questions in favor of the 911's charming design once you whiz past the inquisitive bystanders with a related "bat of an eye" typic.

The Interior is a pretext to your sporty intentions!

The driver focused and all black interiors of the 911 exclude sportiness and resemble its siblings in the form of the practical layout of buttons and switches on the dashboard and well contoured seats to provide you the perfect fitting angle while cutting corners.

The narrow water flowing console housing the gear lever with all the controls to modify the performance of the car truly elates and excites one. The low roof does require some amount of bending to enter the cabin and you definitely cannot miss the fantastic build quality of the wide opening doors along with exemplary craftsmanship that will prolong your stay within no end.

A cozy affair inside accentuates one's driving experience but somehow it requires great effort to access the rear seats which may not be the most comfortable for tall adults and is best suited for children and shopping bags only.

The ergonomics are in place and are hard to fault because the driver doesn't have to make much of an effort to find the right driving position and willfully grant the series of tick marked appellations in its favour.

Wishing for some of the goodies to be an on the house proposing such as the sports chrono package, ventilated seats, Porsche Communication Management with Navigation and the elite picking Bose Surround Sound?

No worries as Porsche will surely do a standard filled rendering in a bid to fulfill your desires.....

It Drives furiously!!!

The meaty growl of the exhaust note, hair raising acceleration and that instant feeling of adrenaline rush is courtesy the renowned 3.8L, flat 6 cylinder arrangement that comes with a stupendous 405 bhp on tap and 440 nm of earth shattering torque mated to the time tested 7 speed PDK gear box.

Well these numbers have been hidden meticulously under the skin till the time you really put the pedal to the metal!!!

We were simply astonished the way 911 pinned us back to our seats and kept pulling eagerly and vigorously as if it was in a mood to break some legendary records.

A 0-100 kmph timing of 4.1 seconds with a top speed in the region close to 300 kmph makes you go wild on your favorite stretch of empty road.

Evoking the racer instinct and passion within is the ‘SPORT Plus’ button meant for special days and occasions that calls for an animated climax by stiffening the suspension, snowballing the engine and throttle response and of course modifying the gear shift timings thereby announcing one's arrival in grand style.

The icing on the cake and the most engaging part though is the Launch control, which is a sure shot guiding spirit for the enthusiasts (divine..without a doubt).

A determined press on the Sport plus button with both feet in command of the brake and accelerator(well the right foot has to assume a "pour it on" stuff for the wishful seconds of thrill which is to take place) followed by retreating your left foot and...... there she goes flying off in a jiffy flaunting her curvaceous lines.

And don't forget to shield the guardian attribute of the stability management for the time being......

Did we miss something? Even the exhaust note pumps up thereby adding more excitement and thrill to the joyful drive experience. (Ah! you can do that manually too!)

The ‘PDK’ box takes it upon itself to make the driving experience pleasurable. It is lightening quick with its movements and understands your emotions pretty quickly and delivers the same.

It can be used through the manual mode too with the upshift taking place when you pull the right paddle.

The well- mannered gearbox shows it’s sedate and calm nature too and you can drive the 911 like a civilized car in the bottleneck traffic to pass the word of it observing the golden rule......

A Porsche sets its own standards and benchmarks as far as dynamics and handling is concerned and the 911 has been the main catalyst imbibing every bit of the P letter genetics in it.

One of the most involving coupes to drive and play with around and the big reward comes when you get to know the in thing about its rear biased weight distribution, getting to experience it on a twisty race track.

The speed needs to be built up progressively through tight corners for deriving maximum satisfaction.

Braking needs to be measured a little bit on the turns and the zigzag along with being in perfect coordination with the acceleration.

Under mind boggling spurring, the purists do feel the 911's ground hugging characteristics when it sits down on its haunches and flies off. The road grip levels are simply outstanding as displayed by the G-Force meter in the instrument cluster.

The ride quality is pretty pliant for a car of this category and the credit needs to be given to Porsche's Active Suspension Management(PASM) that comes handy on different road conditions and adjusts the suspension accordingly. It makes the vehicle as comfortable as a family cruiser and stiffens up the dampers when one wants to enact the prototypal track racers to put the beast through its paces.

The suspension has the ability to deal perfectly with undulations and broken tarmac. Though driving in the sports mode, one feels the jolts and unduly body movements but not to a harsh extent .The generous ground clearance is sufficient enough to go head on with any speed breaker encountered.

So once again we come to the conclusion that Porsche's inherent history and lineage of driving the automotive world through cutting edge technologies and novelty conceptualizations is very much intact and that is well exemplified by the epochal 911, which has made a special place for itself in our hearts.

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