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  1. The Grand Convertible Feast

The Grand Convertible Feast

07th June 2019
The Grand Convertible Feast

In view of the heroic and Speedball wayfaring, undertaking the brainy and deliberate category picking proved to be a bookworm sort of an acquiring for the ever inquisitive “automotive soul” within us!!!
So what is exactly on the cards?
An epic head to head seasoned and schooled testing session of the mighty flagships or an “off road topography invasion” caliber trial involving the herculean 4x4 makes...........?
We would simply say save the dates for future as and when the fortune tellings swing the positive predictions in our favour.
And now side tracking for the good upcoming thing!!

Putting forth the affectionate stride to highlight the elemental & peculiar notability of the exotic convertibles adorned with the singular......... Big Boy Toyz nomen as a worthwhile setting apart praxis.
No comparisons for today atleast between the top drawer scene stealers

718 Boxster

Signifying the cream of mechanical inventions arising straight from the Stuttgart stable, the brisk and spirited star from Porsche erects the sole hundred- proof marking as a honorable feat.

It’s meant to be the singular incredible thing by all means and catapulting it further is the sensational historic 718 fastener from the days of yore and a skillful shifting of base from a naturally aspirated engine to a turbocharged one which ups the ante for a dexterous spree in Boxster’s arsenal of claimed attainings.


Ah! The Deutsche racetrack practitioner is a readied sort when it comes to giving out the soft signal to the predators owing to its chieftain like selfdom.

Its a part & parcel with all AMGs in fact!!

Looking for an excalibur and victorious turn around of fate while attempting the awaited contest happenings?

We bet that the SLC will truly be the heyday thingamabob for you.....

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

You certainly can’t negate the full blown ace artist from Sant’ Agata Bolognese which propagates Lamborghini knacks and virtues in abundance.

For a start, one only needs to keep a tab on the rapport building exercises with this one to get a hold of the cabin functionalities and the meritorious robotized gearbox.......and the rest will meticulously be taken care of by the good old Italian.

Listening to the roar of the gutsy 5.2 V10 will soon become a cherished atypical past time which would certainly propel a doctorate’s degree in the making for you to get going with a sought after tarmac move featuring the Gallardo Spyder.


Right proportions along with a Bavarian demeanor!!

Actually there is no faulting the fastidious Z4 which is a true figurative of the correct weight and balancing acts to publicize the corner cutting moves as being accomplished.

Its sweet statured persona goes ten steps ahead in erecting a stardom akin felicitation from the loyalists.

Jaguar F Type S Convertible

Shaping the Supercharged lauding!!
Because the splendid Brit has a flurry of justifications to tickle pink you with the masterly and sterling expeditive showcasing.........

The Jag’s persona is akin to a hot shot contortionist that is well versed with the FLAT OUT procedurals without referring to the text publications..... And certainly, it has a sharp as a tack remedy to eradicate those occasional competitor forebodings...... Term it as the earned guardian then !!

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