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  1. The Gorgeous Rolls Royce Ghost - The Journey Goes On

The Gorgeous Rolls Royce Ghost - The Journey Goes On

10th February 2016
The Gorgeous Rolls Royce Ghost - The Journey Goes On

Glorious Past, Promising Future & Ongoing Journey

The negative connotation attached to "Ghost" will disappear from your mind when this luxury saloon will open the doors of its heart and massaging seats adorned with supple leather and superb artisanship will welcome you. Choose your destination and start this journey on a silent path where the Rolls Royce Chariot will tell you that what is driving you is not any ordinary power.

A Tribute to Effortless Elegance & Silver Ghost

The old world charm of simplicity coated over a steel body and well carved with a color of your personal choice, Rolls Royce Ghost is a tribute to an old model Silver Ghost of Rolls-Royce, that rocked the razzmatazz during the second decade of the 20th century. This time the company recreated the same simplistic magic with the flesh and body of our times and royal Ghost of a bygone golden era.

Silver Ghost was the car that won the iconic moniker of the "Best car in the world" and now with Rolls Royce Ghost the iconic makers are back in the game once again. With three models and eight updates rolled in a span of five years, this masterpiece of simplicity is receiving great reviews and become an iconic expression of dynamism and luxury.

Modified F01 Platform to take CONTROL of this Power with Purpose

The Rolls Royce Ghost is developed on a modified F01 platform that it shares with BMW 7 series. It is modified because both the cars carry 20 percent parts similar compared to each other.

A Powerful 6.5-litre V12 twin turbo mill carried 2.4 tons of powerful stainless steel structure to a speed of 250Kmph. The power output figures of 562HP @ 5250RPM and 780Nm of Torque @1500 RPM can take the car from 0-100kmph in just over 5 seconds.

So all you need to do is to hit the paddle and see yourself taking off from the road within no time. The performance on the car is top notch compared to its weight and the luxury that it packs in that weight. It is no wonder that the Rolls Royce Ghost is regarded as the epitome of performance luxury cars.

Leave your Mark with SIGNATURE Level of LUXURY

Leave-your-mark-with-Signature-level-of-luxury Source:

More than sixty pairs of hands contribute in the manual stitching and other finishing touches for the interiors of this new era of craftsmanship in the history of car making. The team weaving this dream together is known as the "Bespoke team".

You can now act like a design master and create your personal statement with the interiors and accessories.

It is your cabin, it is your luxury world; the bespoke team is keen to walk that extra mile for the alignment of your wishes in this "state of the art silent power mechanism" to handle the speed and torque for your royal joyrides. The amount of customization Rolls Royce offers is simply unmatched by most in the industry.

Air of Confidence and Power of Simplicity

Every Rolls-Royce design carries the burden of a powerful legacy. In the same vein, Ghost is a traditional treat for your eyes where the design team has added dynamism by adding fluid lines for contemporary profile and an iconic grille to give it a youthful twist. You can further go for personalization and make it a living masterpiece of an extension of your dynamic and artistic personality.

Precisely Engineered for Whisper Quiet Rides and a Mystical Glow

LED headlights of Ghost are twinkling lights that have the power to pave your way with artistic styling and meticulous detailing. It is a cross of a design where chrome bumpers talks in informal language and the complete shape and aerodynamics gives you this feel that you are riding in a true Royal tradition wonder on four wheels.

6.5-liter V12 engines make noise and well-insulated interiors of the car are in an agreement with this giant roar, which you can hear only in the form of raising high speedometer.

Maneuver your Music while you are Floating on the Road of Sound

Dashboard of Rolls Royce Ghost Source:

It is not a dashboard, it is a keyboard where you punch keys while you are looking through the windshield and tackling objects ahead or approaching from the other side. Navigational tools and entertainment tools are at an arm's reach and after a point of time you do not need to search for them as they become a part of your regular movement.

Avail ventilated massage seats that can be added as a part of the bespoke option and these seats can recharge you in between the action packed business hours when you are on the go to have a real hectic day to tackle the pressure of business. The entertainment center is also a state of the art package with the best sound system available.

Windscreen that Talks with the Wind and Translate EVERYTHING for You

Head up display of the Ghost projects the navigation information on the windscreen, which means the direction and the speed limits are all displayed on the windscreen itself and you can always take a note of them while focusing on the road.

There is also an infrared camera that is installed in the front to sense body heat from a distance of 300 feet. This keeps the driver informed of any untoward movement of an object in between the road during dark.

All the features are loaded on the cushion of an intelligent air suspension system that makes a magic carpet ride and helps you cruise in comfort with the Rolls Royce Ghost. A smooth ride with an invisible comfort giver and a keen caretaker while you are making merry on the go is what the Rolls Royce experience is all about.

So it is not wonder that the Rolls Royce Ghost is one of the ultimate luxuries a man can possess. It is pretty much like owning royalty with the perfect combination of luxury along with stupendous power under the hood making the Rolls Royce Ghost an ultimate treat.


Rolls Royce Ghost

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