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  1. Rolls Royce Phantom A Fruit of Perfectionists Fully Fueled By 21st Century Technology

Rolls Royce Phantom A Fruit of Perfectionists Fully Fueled By 21st Century Technology

24th February 2016
Rolls Royce Phantom A Fruit of Perfectionists Fully Fueled By 21st Century Technology

If perfection is a benchmark then the Rolls Royce Phantom is the new bar of perfection in its league. It is a Concept Car that was lucky enough to be able to see the light of the day and this time this concept carries the theme of emotion and space blended with the speed and efficiency of our times.

Right from a direct injection V12 engine to the hand stitched leather interior, everything about this vehicle is an ode to royal simplicity clubbed together with technical supremacy.

Hands weave lightweight carpet rolled for your royal journeys

It is not any frame, it is an Aluminum spaceframe, wielded by hands and installed to perfection, where it matches steps with the superior technology. This technology preserves the energy in the first gear itself and makes it an infinite gear to attain smooth acceleration. The air suspension mechanism is a sturdy cushion for the machinery and soft support for your body against the bumps and breakers.

Rolls Royce Phantom has a navigator in the form of hard drive based offline navigation system attached to a powerful screen; this screen can be your guiding force while you are in a reverse gear as well with a guiding camera located at the rear of the car. And then there is the entertainment system to which you can connect your external hard drive and watch as many movies as you wish.

Rear compartment with rearward opening doors

rearward opening doors Source:

With Rolls Royce Phantom, Rearward opening doors are back in business. It is needless to say that Rearward opening doors are far better to welcome guests because they expose the rear cabin from an angle that looks spacious and more welcoming. Chauffeurs feel more comfortable with these doors and they are convenient when you are draped in royal wedding attire or stuff like that.

The rear compartment is a spacious cabin; it is your personal cosseting universe waiting for you. Sit back on the comfortable leather seats and feel the smooth floor of this flying carpet while you are crooning relaxation with your breaths. There is no better feeling than having a ride which is smooth and serene and in the utmost of luxurious car.

Order Bespoke to create starlight headliner

Every Rolls-Royce car is bespoke, now this is an understatement that we are making here. Every Rolls Royce Phantom is bejeweled with Bespoke. Sixty competent pairs of hands and 30 artistic minds are at your disposal to design the interiors for you.

You can choose from various available themes or create your own personal theme that goes well with your design statements and finally you can add that magical twist into the looks of your Rolls Royce Phantom.

Remember it is not just customization; it is the act of personalization being bestowing on your dream car with every masterstroke. Who else gives this kind of power in the hands of the customer to make the car to their own choice of looks and design and not just select from the available ones.

Unrivaled technology to with Royce DNA

Unrivaled technology to with Royce DNA Source:

The aluminum frame brings in 44,000 shades in your life; you can mix and match as many combinations as you desire. Besides being a luxury sedan the Rolls Royce Phantom carries the design DNA of Sir Henry Royce who believes in retaining the best and adding it with the better.

This is why Rolls Royce is the best in the category but for Rolls Royce people, it is only a better option than the previous one.

It is a great relief from all those digitized dashboards to have this retro feeling modern piece of technology. Now this is the designers' twist that they have added in the lush interiors of the Phantom.

It is not just about navigation it is equally about entertainment, too. For the rear seats, the experts at Rolls Royce have created a home theater of sorts where a speaker system capturing the finest details of the sound clubbed together with a shining screen to deliver the gigantic pictures of your favorite stars.

Now that is what we call true Luxury and what makes the Rolls Royce Phantom a true Flagship.


Rolls Royce Phantom

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