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  1. Karan Johar's captivating four wheels style statement

Karan Johar's captivating four wheels style statement

21st February 2017
Karan Johar's captivating four wheels style statement

Karan Johar, popularly known as KJO, is the ace director of Bollywood with loads of finesse, panache and elan. Acclaimed to be the most successful director till date he is also a scriptwriter, producer, costume designer and a reality TV show judge.

Karan Johar Four Wheelssource - static05

Blessed with the flair of making melo –dramas which have been runaway hits, he has been conferred with a flurry of Film awards. His sartorial style speaks volumes of his demeanor and carriage which also extends to his choice of cars. So grab a cup of hot coffee and let us know more about his choicest four wheel possession.

BMW 7 Series

BMW 7 Seriessource - carpixel

A quintessential of timeless design language and innovation along with offering unmatched comfort and driving dynamics, the flagship sedan from Bavaria is one of the preferred ride options for the Bollywood Stars. It exudes elegance and sophistication while enchanting all with its humongous road presence. BMW has always been revered and honored as one of the best driving machines in the world and every model in its famed product portfolio has impressed the car enthusiasts to the fullest. The 7 series, since generations has matched up to every expectation of its discerning owners and some of its classic iterations still find a place in the Bollywood Star’s exuberant garages, particularly of Karan Johar.

BMW 7 Seriessource - imcphoto

The time-honored and archetypal 745Li variant was one of his fancied preferences thereby going well with his personality and demeanor to a great extent. The exterior architecture conceptualized by BMW’s renowned designer Chris Bangle, boasted of simplistic lines and was a great evolution in terms of yesteryear’s design language of the 7 series models.

5-karan-joharsource -consumerguide

It gave a tough competition to its arch rivals on almost every parameter, thereby winning the critics and automotive journalist’s hearts too. The colossal 4.4L V8 motor with an output of 325bhp was a benchmark setter at those times considering its sheer acceleration and performance figures on the move. Karan Johar’s tryst with the German brand was truly an unforgettable moment for him and his never ending love for the 7 series lend him to add another new edition of this monster to his priced possession, and it being the top of the line 760Li variant.

the German brandsource -wikimedia

Codenamed F02, the fifth generation of the 7 series is indeed a radical departure from the past and brings along with it a plethora of exterior and interior changes. The legendary kidney grilles have grown bigger and wider with an all new sleek shape for the headlamps housing the corona rings. When viewed from the side, the unflinching aura of masculinity does a great deal to the low slung appearance of the flagship.

the 19 inch wheelssource - desktopextreme

The intricate detailing on the 19 inch wheels further portrays class to the ever alluring appearance. The rear end boasts of the newfangled L shaped light embellishment that looks gorgeous during night time.

the faultless cabinsource - bmwcase

Once inside, the faultless cabin enchants you with a host of latest bells and whistles to keep you busy with and at the same time cocooning you in sheer comfort. The enormous 6.0Litre V12 engine churning out 544bhp and 750Nm of torque is an instant delight with racer enthusiasts as a little dap on the pedal is more than enough to send one into raptures of ecstasy.

source - youtube

It can do a 0-100kmph sprint in 4.6 seconds and cruise effortlessly at a top speed of 250km/hr. For Karan Johar, it is the beginning of yet another eventful journey with a brand that has won a million hearts all over and strives to achieve excellence and success in all its endeavors.

Mercedes Benz Maybach S500

Mercedes Benz Maybach S500source -theautomotiveindia

Standing the test of times and perhaps one of the oldest luxury automotive brands, Maybach is revered with producing some of the finest luxury sedans since time immemorial. Its association with the three pointed star brand, Mercedes Benz has conformed upon it an undisputed supremacy and dominance for it is now regarded as the ultimate choice in terms of luxury, comfort and performance.

Mercedes Benz Maybach S500 1source - bollywoodmantra

The tag for the best car in the world held by Mercedes S Class is elevated to another exciting level when one comes face to face with the bigger, brawny and muscular S 500 Maybach. An S class on steroids, it is one of the fancied preference of the Bollywood Stars and is an integral part of Karan Johar’s exotic garage.

Mercedes Benz Maybach S500 2source - theautomotiveindia

Owning a Maybach is truly gratifying and reminds you of the hard work and dedication that one undergoes to reach this level. The exterior fascia gives an appearance of an S Class but trained eyes will be able to spot the fine differences.

Mercedes Benz Maybach S500 3source - theautomotiveindia

The double slat chrome finished radiator grille upfront with the gorgeous arc inscribed LED daytime driving lamps give a reminiscence of an extravagant business saloon that leaves a lasting impression. The intricate detailing on the 19 inch alloy wheels beckons you to go closer and admire it to the fullest. Although the design tends to appear a little old school but complements the overall length of the car perfectly.

Mercedes Benz Maybach S500 4source - theautomotiveindia

The B pillar gets a healthy dose of chrome inscription and the paint work on this beast is absolutely top notch and faultless. The dual rectangular shaped exhausts take the centre stage with their aural bliss when the car is in motion. The lighted inscriptions are almost similar in shape to the S Class but look more charming and alluring on the Maybach (it has too!). The rear reflectors beneath, are joined by an exquisite and skillful chrome lining.

Mercedes Benz Maybach S500 4source - autoguide

Pamper yourself to one of the most beguiling setup of interiors that will leave you speechless. From the fine touches on the Nappa Leather seats to the massaging function and the crystal clear sound from the high end Burmester 3D audio system, everything seems a notch above the competition.

Mercedes Benz Maybach S500 5source - ytimg

The goodies of the rear seats with their meticulous mechanism are surely to be experienced once in a lifetime. The monstrous 4.7 V8 biturbo motor with its 455bhp and 700Nm of torque eliminates all apprehensions and once on the move, a person gets to experience the silky smooth nature of this engine along with the brutal power delivery. The new 9G-tronic gearbox understands your intentions extremely well and indeed rises up to all occasions.

The Maybach, at the end of the day, being a luxo-barge is a perfect epitome of finesse and style statement and especially for Karan Johar is the pick of the lot to attend celebrity parties and big time media events.

Jaguar XJL

Jaguar XJLsource - team-bhp

One of the most historic automotive brand that represents the famed British heritage and legacy, the ‘leaping cat’ known as Jaguar has been credited to influence the entire automotive arena with its brand philosophy of relentless pursuit of excellence. From producing some of the most classic and time tested designs, the British brand has come a long way to manufacturing new age designs and ostentatious vehicles, thereby going well with the modern crowd.

Jaguar, the XJLsource - staticflickr

The one sedan that really takes the crown in terms of sheer looks and size along with leaving the onlookers mesmerized is the flagship saloon from Jaguar, the XJL. The Bollywood has had a successful stint with Jaguar and the humongous sedan has always ruled the roost when it comes to procuring any exotic from the British stable.

exterior Jaguar, the XJLsource - staticflickr

The exterior, with the flamboyant touches completely enamors you and one can’t surely miss the big and wide front radiator grille that takes the limelight with its menacing stance. The 19 inch Toba wheels add a touch of sportiness and the ever alluring silhouette appearance is one of the striking elements that help to charter its own distinctive identity. The sloping roofline at the rear translates into a coupe like design and blends well with a picturesque landscape behind. Greet yourself to one of the most magnificent and hi tech interiors of all times having a unique charm of its own.

the cabin of the XJLsource - motorbeam

As one spends more time in the cabin of the XJL, he begins to reckon himself with the neat regal touches all around. The beauty of the Jaguar Drive Selector that rises upwards on starting the car to the well cushioned and bolstered business class seats, almost everything has been crafted with extreme care leaving no room for error. The top of the line 5.0Litre V8 petrol engine belts out 385bhp and 515Nm of torque mated to the six speed Sequential Shift automatic gearbox. The instant surge of power leaves a big smile on your face and never disappoints you.

source - youtube

The 0-100kmph timing is completed in a mere 5.7 seconds with a top whack of 250km/hr. Indeed the Jaguar XJL is an icon of all sorts with the features on offer along with offering stupendous performance and therefore becomes Karan’s third sought after possession in his garage.

 grand car collectionsource - hdwallpaperbackgrounds

A quick rapid fire for you to decide which car you like the best. So this is about one of our famous directors and his grand car collection. We hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it.



Karan Johar Four Wheels

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