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  1. It Lived On in the Scrapbook of my Youth

It Lived On in the Scrapbook of my Youth

09th September 2016
It Lived On in the Scrapbook of my Youth

A heartwarming story must say! Ms Nupur Khosla has smartly managed to pen down her thoughts in a very poetic manner. Read the blog and you will know why she deserve this second position in the contest. Do not forget to share your opinion:

He was delighted to join his new college! It was his sheer determination and hard work that enabled him to conquer all odds, and earn a scholarship seat to his dream college that is also one of the prestigious colleges in India. He had burnt the night oil and studied under street lights. Being the son of a rickshaw puller, and with no access to expensive tuitions, he had beaten against all odds.

He painted his cycle, touched the feet of his parents and sets out for his college. His excitement was of a boy on tenth moon. The wind blowing through his hair, and the scent of the flowers in the fields, he had never felt this before! This is the happiness that no money can buy!

He reached the college, hoping a superstar’s welcome. However, as soon as he reached the college, the students looked at him and started to laugh. At first he could not understand the reason for being the butt of jokes. Then he looked at his rugged clothes and torn shoes. Rest of the boys and girls alike, wore colorful expensive clothes and were driving swanky bikes and hatchbacks. His chest that was swollen with pride fell flat. His excitement dived down and weaned of his face.

boy sitting alone in college garden or canteen or library Source:

The next 4 years he put in his best efforts, studied diligently and emerged as a college topper, but he was looked at with disdain and pity by the students. Wearing crumpled and untidy clothes, he was no match for the branded clothes and watches that other students wore. He didn’t make any friend in the college or it’s fair to say that none of the student took interest in earning his friendship. Time passed on and subsequently in the final year, he found a decent job placement from his college.

Time took its toll!

After a few years, he received a letter from his college. It was a call for an old students’ reunion. His mind went nostalgic about an era gone by and ventured into the past gloomy days, but with a silent smile... The long voyage was not easy but he was insuppressible. The college required every student to wear formal business suits for the occasion with matching tie and shoes for the chosen day of Sunday.

The day arrived. He picked up his best possible clothing and touched the feet of his father, as always. His father, now old and fragile and having pulled a rickshaw his entire life, couldn’t manage to provide legacy to his only son, but he (son) didn’t need that anyway as the support and love of his father was enough to get him through that tough time.

At the venue, he saw his old colleagues. Women looked sexy and beautiful in long dresses and men looked handsome in fine black suits. The cars were bigger, better and the bikes indeed. Amidst all this, arrived a car or better to say a supercar that itself made its way through the busy lane of the college’s car parking. The car was not ordinary, but a shining red metal jacketed Lamborghini, he purchased from Big Boy Toyz, with doors that pulled sideways.

Men in Black suit standing next to Lamborghini Source:

Wearing a black tuxedo, it was him, who stepped out of the Lamborghini. A sudden silence dawned at the venue. The crowd was dumbstruck. He was none other than the CEO of the company that sponsored the reunion party of his college. It was yet again his sheer determination that made him reach where indeed few dared to dream!

Much water had flown since.



the Youth Scrapbook

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