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  1. I can’t control my eyes

I can’t control my eyes

06th November 2015
I can’t control my eyes

Whenever I walk on road, I used to look at different cars of different types and create inferences about them. I saw many exotic and premium cars on the road like Jaguar, Mercedes, and BMW. They all are absolutely good, but what about a person who wants to rule the road? I was confused that which ride would be like a king of road and suddenly I heard a sound. I was forced to turn my eyes and look at that and that was “Ferrari Italia Spider 458”. That sound gave me goose bumps and was actually looking like king of road.

Ferrari Italia Spider with immense power and ultimate style gives a hearty satisfaction to a person who loves speed and wants to be the center attraction of the road. It offers you an extremely powerful v8 engine with an acceleration of 0-100 km/h in 3.4 seconds with an ultimate weight distribution. Its 7 gears transmission and turbochargers makes it more powerful than any other ride.


The best part of Ferrari’s are, they give you the opportunity to customize your ride.  They also offer some accessories which will tune up your lifestyle and will add create a comfort zone for you or you can say a “Ferrari zone”. It always offers you an style statement and obviously power to rule the road.

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