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  1. Fiat Ducato

Fiat Ducato

23rd December 2015
Fiat Ducato

Tired of carrying too much of luggage on your vacations and picnics or worrying about paying for services for short time refreshments you take on your trips?

It has been found that maximum of the expenses we do during our picnics are done on the short term breaks and refreshments. FIAT has worked on this and has come up with its first light commercial vehicle Fiat Ducato. Whether you choose the 130 96 kW or 150 109KW 2.3 MultiJet common rail direct injection, Turbo Diesel, you will have an economical engine that delivers more than enough power to cruise up even the steepest hill , no matter how heavy the load. It comes with a very low down time cost and the spacious cabin features a modular design that puts all key features and gives a comfortable ride to the driver turning the journey enjoyable.

Not only it comes with the latest technology but also it is quite safe for every one by providing air bags for everyone may it be the driver or for the passenger compartment. The interiors are all Italian, and have an extra gen-set for the passenger compartment.

Fuel economy is the strong point for Ducato, as it is the most economical panel van available – capable of returning 45.6mpg with the 6 speed manual gear box and has an option of Comfort- Matic.

The company is asking Rs 2.75 Crore excluding the import charges, and the other point to ponder upon is that it has to be imported. Now this can be problem, but there is an organization in India who has been working to solve such problems. Big Boy Toyz is an organization who deals in Exotic Pre-Owned cars, a Delhi based private Limited who deals in all such kind of luxury cars. BBT is offering Rs 1.60 Crore for this Ducato which is a Limited edition vehicle in India and BBT owns one of it. The company has a very good customer end service which works hard to satisfy the buyers' demands. You need to check them out and your dreams will be fulfilled. The company takes good care about their customers by working on their polices like buying excellent condition cars and doing several check-up like their policy of 151 checkups just to provide a quality product to its customers.

Buying a cars from BBT will not only give you just a car but will let you to add a vision in your dreams which is further extended to further fulfillment of your desires.

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