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  1. BMW i8 – The Power of Engineering - A Salute to Nature

BMW i8 – The Power of Engineering - A Salute to Nature

22nd January 2016
BMW i8 – The Power of Engineering - A Salute to Nature

It is not given to every concept to successfully transform from concept to a complete product that WOWS. But BMW i8 made its way out! It was one of the Vision Efficient Dynamics system cars and was first showcased in the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009.

A production version was first launched in 2014, and the Indian model was launched in February 2015. It is a sports hybrid and is indeed a luxury car to dream or even drool about. The i8 has been built with super high performance as its core theme. As if building on ideas from the James Bond, Star Wars, or maybe even Harry Potter series, the i8 manages to extract 47.5 kilometers from a liter of petrol. Of course, the reason behind this is the amalgamation of technologies, backed by 2 power sources. The first is a lithium-ion battery-powered electric motor that produces a power of 131PS and powers the front wheels. The second is a 1499 cc 3-cylinder petrol engine, producing power of 231PS energizing the rear wheels. Together they provide 362PS power!

The electric motor is charged on the go when the petrol engine is in use. Otherwise, it can be charged within 3 hours, from a normal electrical outlet. The electric motor has a range of 35kms and a maximum speed of 120km/h. With power from both the electric motor and the petrol engine, the i8 can reach the speed of up to 250km/h.

All that, of course, is under the hood, so to speak. Externally, every line and every curve in the i8 is designed to make it run more smoothly, as if simply gliding through the air. The i8 is a marvel of applied AERODYNAMICS. The car is a mix of lightweight materials that aid in gaining speed, and keeping the ride smooth.

The hybrid sports a very sporty look, like any other modern BMW. It has the signature kidney grill and u-shaped LED headlights. At the rear, the roof meets the sweeping rear LED lights, merging into a rear spoiler.

It is loaded with safety features – airbags, ABS, dynamic braking stability and a host of others. The petrol engine and the electric motor are placed as low as possible, greatly improving the center-of-gravity of the car.

Internally also, the i8 is fully loaded with excellent features. It has got an all-digital instrument cluster. Its steering wheel incorporates the multimedia controls and the cruise control. It has got the BMW Professional navigation system, backed by Google maps. It has got an excellent sound system with great speakers. Front and rear parking cameras are standard. Likewise, Bluetooth and USB connectivity is also supported.

All in all, the BMW i8 is a model to emulate, a wonder that what engineering and technology can produce. It is a perfect blend of power and performance while paying attention to environmental concerns.


BMW i8

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