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  1. BMW 650i Convertible Review : Suave Bavarian

BMW 650i Convertible Review : Suave Bavarian

16th January 2017
BMW 650i Convertible Review : Suave Bavarian

Mankind has evolved significantly over the years.

His needs, wants and desires to view and perceive things have taken a different dimension, thereby making a radical departure from the past.

Riding high on our human intelligence and technical know-how, we have come out with some breathtaking innovations and technology which is a boon for the society in all aspects.

In our quest for excellence, this has also led to modifying and revamping the traditionally accepted norms and methods, while extending its foothold to the four wheels also.

Lets see who does a big time gold scoring with the triumphant shot of thriving on first mover tenets.

Pep up your intellect to get acquainted with the Axis mover and shaker...(Add a hefty Jeeper to this)

So here it is....

The German Luxury Car Manufacturer BMW since long has been revered and honored with novelty introductions and concepts that have helped setting benchmarks and revolutionized the automotive industry on a whole.

Inferring from the company’s ability to make some of the best renowned engines for the World War II jets and the fastest production motorcycle in 1937, their cars too have enjoyed the same appreciation worldwide for their excellent drivability and timeless design language.

source - youTube
Getting a fixation for the creative spirit impelling on an overwhelming sky high tenderness!
Coming to it quickly......
One vehicle from the Bavarian stable that looks and feels distinctive with its alluring presence is the 6 series.
It has emerged significantly through its various iterations and generations and we can notice that how the famed Bangle design has undergone variety of changes and comes alive as a latest in thing sui generis convertible that merits a special place for itself in the enthusiast’s heart.

Exterior Poshness

Exterior Poshness

The legendary kidney grille has grown wider, bigger and more pronounced much on the lines of the bigger 7 series for an instant drawing'll feel so. (Ahhh! the one up early on)

The plain surfacing has been embedded in the history books and in front of us stands a magnificent two door convertible exemplifying the sheer artwork of the BMW designers back home.

The broad and crispy shoulder line lends it a muscular and subtle stance while accentuating its length when viewed from the horizontal side angle.


The front end with those gorgeous and immaculate LED corona rings conveys an emotion of its own which is unique with every BMW.

The circular shaped make up get a fine inscription of an upward lit boundary complemented by the garish indicators which would inexorably amass the same fixedly looks ....OK

A low slung appearance head on courtesy the detailing on the bumper with a honeycomb grille design underneath the kidney grille in the center for air intake!!!

Totting up the visuals further are the three jewel fancy dose of eye catching LEDs(for the fog lamps...truly attention craving) integrated within the black housing enclosed in a silver chrome strip from beneath that have a considerable contribution in the glamour quotient doing the trendy talking up in the town.


The rear end has its own splendor and blends perfectly indeed with the overall design language of the car.

The meticulous placing of the reflectors and the third braking light and the..........animated tilting up of the BMW logo for the reverse camera will leave on -lookers spellbound and delighted.


The stretched rectangular shaped exhausts add more flavor to the already splendid looking convertible.

The handsome detailing on the peacocky alloy wheels portray the clean-cut formularization for an indefinite valuing. The striking opening and closing of the soft top in motion is simply a beholding sight to watch and appreciate.

Grandeur of the Interiors

BMW-650i-Convertible  Grandeur of the Interiors
First lets highlight the noticeable standout!

The enticing frameless doors of the convertible beckon you to touch and feel the exquisite emanation together with giving the sky high prominence to one's startling expression for good!!!  .

The driver centric layout with practical arrangement of buttons and toggle switches is in fact at the core of every BMW and the same being spotlighted by this one too. The entire arrangement is similar to the rest of the family cars but this carries the augmented knickknack sportiness to fit the pattern with the modern crowd's savoriness.

The ticketing seats with memory settings exclude individuality and make you feel at home every time you enter the luxurious cabin.


The three spoke high quality leather wrapped steering wheel feels as if you are driving this car for ages, as it grips extremely well in your hands.

The iDrive screen on the dashboard feels unreserved with its explicit and high quality graphics and is fast with its responses giving you the privilege to virtually be in the saddle for an unstinting discovery of whats on offer!

The payoff standout being then......?

Ohhh this!!!


the gear lever panel

You'll definitely not be fretting about any negatives......Are they in here? No we guess!!

The backseats prove to be the underlining split hairs when it comes to hanging out with your bunch of friends, but keeping the current generation tastes and requirements in mind to look and feel good, the 650i qualifies more of a self-driven convertible that makes a style statement and announces one’s arrival.

The Explosive Heart and on the Move Experience

source - youTube

The propulsive and monstrous 4.4 litre twin turbo V8 motor churning out a healthy 407 PS and 600 Nm of insane torque takes the centre stage with its blistering and exhilarating performance from the word go.

It overwhelms you with its elegant and refined cruising ability and changes character pretty quickly to a beast incarnate depending on your mood.

monstrous 4.4 litre twin turbo V8 motor

The smooth nature of the engine is evident when you are travelling at a leisurely pace but as soon as you bury your right foot, an avalanche of power emerges and a strong thrust pins you to the back seat and the car just takes off at the blink of an eye. Its nerve wrecking 0-100 kmph timing of 5.2 seconds feels even faster and reaches its top whack of 250 kmph without a fuss and shows the engine’s rev happy nature while exhibiting the wide potential range of torque availability.

The acclaimed eight speed steptronic transmission is like a companion throughout your entire day's journey and never once will give you any cause to complain.

Its silky smooth and precise shifting is a boon and will understand your sporty intentions rather well leaving no room for error.

This potent and lively four door monster redefines driving dynamics and establishes new benchmarks.


A BMW is supposed to do that only!

And there is a special catalytic medium propagating the spark plug philosophy.

Here it comes!!!

For the indelible marks warranting a valuing! 

The "optional" must have.......come again must have.... adaptive drive boasting of flexible dampers and active anti- roll bars........kriegspiels your predisposition actually for the fabricated uncommon spells of being complaisant!!!

Pick of the lot truly from the educational BMW publication calligraphy!

Wait a second! Let's focus our attention on this!

The SPORT mode!

Ah! Your flurry of praises and exclamations indeed describe the pleasurable experience of maneuvering the convertible through some fancy bends along with an astonishing portrayal of its eager intent and conviction.

The SPORT mode

In the SPORT+ mode, one can surely exhibit the zealot twisty endeavors by downsizing the intervention of DSC while enabling the Dynamic Traction Control to be activated. The 6 series on that occasion takes off in a jiffy with full force wiggling its tail much to the ecstasy of the onlookers .

In the SPORT+ mode

Well so what exactly is DSC?

An electronic aid! Correct!

Dynamic Stability Control is the adept wizard that providently waivers off the "running scared" phenomena by making its presence felt, should you indulge in any thing unimaginable with the BMW.

Well, it can take a back seat for a few momentous seconds in the making with the 650i convertible.

Further on!

The Deutsche has an on the beam handiness and mastership to swivel your hankerings for a stimulative lively mannered gushing ahead and in the process reveals the "town fad", your exceptional lion hearted strivings.

The BMW 650i convertible

The BMW 650i convertible comes across as the most tempting package. It is meant for those who desire and want something different from the conventional, tried and tested run of the mill sedans. A resplendent and ostentatious piece of four wheels with an astonishing road presence makes this one the pick of the lot. One indeed can be rest assured that with the best Bavarian brains going in to manufacture this graceful example, the sheer driving pleasure propagation is surely going to be elevated to an all new stature.


BMW 650i Review, BMW 650i Convertible

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