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  1. Probability of Being Odd

Probability of Being Odd

05th September 2016
Probability of Being Odd

So the time has finally arrived when we will start publishing the blog entries received during the Big Boy Toyz blog contest. Unlike others, we would love to create the air of curiosity among the readers and hence we have decided to publish the 5th entry first, i.e., blog written by Guneet Bawa. Happy reading!

Rightly said, “True love doesn’t have a happy ending always, because true love never ends.” Though human life has an end, their love is eternal and immortal that stays in this lethal world forever. I am not talking about any fairy tale or a romantic dream but the real love story that is tragic yet inspiring. You might be wondering whether the protagonists finally met or not but let me clarify the story is very much different from a regular stuff.

I am talking about the legends who lived for cars and died for the same, leaving behind a remarkable journey to be embedded in the history in golden words. We all get mesmerized and delighted by the exotic beauties cruising the roads with a roaring sound, but the vigor and enthusiasm to drive these supercars is alive in very few. You may call them superstars but for me they are the odd ones out among the mob of commoners.

Ayrton Senna

The seventh lap had just started and he gained a 0.6 seconds lead over Michael Schumacher and then something dreadful happened… something that sent the whole world into shock. No one could have ever wondered that this car race would have such a tragic end. The hero took his final journey into peace succumbing to his injuries. A Formula One World Championships winner, Senna will always be remembered for his love for speed.

Ayrton Senna

James Dean

Hollywood’s sex symbol and the heartthrob of many, was a car lover too. He used to call his silver Porsche 550 Spyder the Little Bastard. Died at a very young age of 24 only, Dean was counted as one of the promising actors of the industry but the sudden demise brought all the hopes to an awful end. While travelling Route 466 his car collide with another car, killing him instantly.

Paul Walker

If one day speed kills me, do not cry because I was smiling.” These lines are enough to show the intense love affair between the two. Popular for his The Fast & The Furious franchise, Paul William Walker IV bade his final goodbye to the world on the unfortunate day – 30th November 2013 – when his Porsche Carrera GT banged into the light pole, bringing his life to an end. But he will always be alive in the hearts of his fans.

Paul Walker

Dale Earnhardt

Another odd personality who sacrificed his life for the love of car and race and speed! Celebrated for his involvement in NASCAR stock car racing, the American race car driver succumbs to his head injuries during the final lap of the Daytona 500 at the Daytona International Speedway in 2001. His son, Dale Earnhardt Jr., took forward his legacy and continued his career as a racing driver.

There are more such odd celebs who neither cared for money nor their lives but follow their passion. If you think you belong to this odd group, then get your love from Big Boy Toyz and breathe free.



Probability of Being Odd

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