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  1. Because Singh is Bling

Because Singh is Bling

15th February 2016
Because Singh is Bling

Over the years the punjabi music industry has remoulded and changed drastically. The earlier famous 'Mundeys' doing bhangra in sugarcane fields have changed to 'Jatts' partying in a yatch or strolling on the streets of New york. Words like Gabru have been changed to Swag and with more of rap specially in hinglish. The entire look, feel and sound of Punjabi music has been revolutionised in less than a decade. But one common feature of almost every Punjabi song these days, though astonishing and very impressive, is the use of flashy supercars. And We being luxury car fanatic couldn't help noticing that all the videos have the singer driving either an Audi or a Lamborghini.

Here is a list of the all time famous Punjabi hits that have featured beautiful supercars which would make you sing and swoon all day all night;

Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes Source: Blue Eyes, T-Series

One of the biggest hits of that year, Honey Singh with much criticism got tremendous fame. His hip hop dance, his swagger look everything worked out well with the song BUT for supercar fanatics like us, the show stopper was the Lamborghini Gallardo. The girl starring was surely pretty but if you look from the eyes of a supercar lover - the Lamborghini looked like the real bomb - Lamborghini bomb lagdi mainu.

Desi Kalakaar

Desi Kalakaar Source: Desi Kalakaar, T-Series

You're probably reaching to the conclusion that we love Honey Singh. Sure we do! But as much as we love him, we love love the black muscle he drives in the video. It is none other than Pontiac GTO. Heartbeats stop for seconds when this dark beauty appears on the screen. Extra points to Desi Kalakaar are given for the fascinating car chase scene in the end.

Proper Patola

Proper Patola Source: Proper Patola, SonyMusicIndiaVEVO

Diljit Dosanjh is always known for coming up with groovy R&B. The entire feel and the look of the song is a class apart. But as soon as the red hot Chevy Impala (Yes that is the car if you were wondering) in the video, one would want to pause and stare for as long as possible. Totally steals the show Chevy!

Vroom Vroom

Vroom Vroom

This is one treat for the eyes! You name it they have featured it. Shot exclusively in the Big Boy Toyz showroom, one gets to lay their eyes upon any and every luxury car brand that one can think about. Be it Porsche or Rolls Royce or for that matter Bentley, every supercar that one has dreamt about can be seen in a single video. After this video, definitely your heart will go vroom vroom!


Jaguar Source: Jaguar, Speed Records

Yes the famous Jaguar song Ft Bohemia (after a long time). Of course it had to feature in this list; A superhit song with a supercar. The entire song is centered around Jaguar. Well one wouldn't really blame the Kudi for saying ' pehle Jaguar le lao'. After all If you don't own a Jaguar, you don't own a JAGUAR!

Chaar Chudiya

Chaar Churiyaan Source: Chaar Churiyaan, Speed Records

The last but not the least we have the latest Badshah song Chaar Chudiya. Another bizarre yet entertaining song centered around Audi. In the entire video the guy hopes to get an Audi (we don't blame him) to impress a girl. Then Baam! there is a dream sequence which feature a Red Audi R8 convertible, sponsored by Big Boy Toyz, which is the cherry on this cake. Once you see it - you cannot stop dreaming about it.

One definitely falls for these amazing punjabi songs since they obviously have so much more than groovy beats on which one could dance on the weddings.


Singh is Bling

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