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  1. 7 Mind Boggling Facts About Tesla Motors

7 Mind Boggling Facts About Tesla Motors

10th November 2016
7 Mind Boggling Facts About Tesla Motors

For most of us, the word Tesla brings back memory of science textbooks, of the modern electric current system or of its founder Nikola Tesla who is accredited as the designer of the modern A/C electricity supply system. We can go on and on about Tesla, the scientist but this story is about Tesla Motors, the famed California automaker that has shaken down the very essence of cars as we know them and bought a new revolutionary approach to automotive industry and building a brand that everyone is crazy about.

Tesla cars are sick machines, let’s be clear about that. And if you don’t believe us then see for yourself.

Tesla’s design philosophy and technology is right there with the Ferraris and iPhones of the world. A Tesla car invokes curiosity and envy & makes you wanna dump your petrol guzzling gasoline hungry machines. Under the hood a Tesla Model S is engineering exuberance with all wheel electric drive, 760 BHP electric motor which accelerates from 0 to 60 mph (97 km/hr) in a mere 2.8 seconds!

Here are some crackling facts that will make you wonder when will you buy yourself a Tesla car:

1. Tesla Motor Was Not Started by Elon Musk

Most of us think of Elon Musk when we hear of Tesla motors. Despite him being the Force de majeure behind the company’s meteoric rise and the main spokesperson, it was not him who actually founded Tesla Motors. Tesla motors was started by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. Elon Musk joined tesla as board member and then eventually progressed to be credited as one of the founders of the company.

2. Tesla’s First Car Was A Sportscar Named Roadster

Tesla’s first production model was Roadster, a spunky and sporty looking open top 2 door convertible. It was officially revealed to public in an invite only event in 2006 in Santa Monica, California. Looks rad, ain’t it?

Tesla’s First Car Was A Sportscar Named Roadster

3. Tesla’s Model 3 Was The Most Successful Product Launch Ever

Tesla received a mind boggling 325,000 pre orders for its upcoming sedan Model 3. Fans of Tesla shelled out $1000 for a pre booking a product that will not be launched until 2018. Tesla earned around $325 million on the advance deposits alone making the Model 3 product launch the most successful ever.

Tesla’s Model 3 Was The Most Successful Product Launch Ever

4. Tesla’s Market Cap Is $28 Billion

For a car company which prides itself on being a startup in the automotive sector, having a market cap of $28 billion is just awesome. We bet all founders of Tesla will agree. And just so you know, $28 billion equals to INR 1864938600000 as on Nov 9th 2016. Don’t even try to figure out how many crores that will be! This much amount of worth can be attributed to only the most brilliant companies on the face of this planet and Tesla surely promises to be one.

5. Tesla Cars Need No Maintenance (Almost)!

For all motor car owners maintenance is the biggest headache. Tesla cars are designed to be light on maintenance to make the ownership experience seamless and hassle free. On the Tesla Model S there are only six major parts which need regular maintenance or replacement and rest of the car practically needs no regular changes. These 6 parts consists of the 4 tyres and 2 wiper blades.

6. Tesla Cars Can Be Fixed Over The Internet

It’s just insane to know that your car can be fixed by just updating it’s software on the internet. With Internet of Things (IOT) increasingly invading our lives, a car fix over the internet was waiting to happen. And as usual Tesla has made this kind of thing a daily routine for themselves and recently fixed a faulty charger plug on around 22k cars with a simple software update!

7. Elon Musk Is The Real Life Version of Tony Stark

Elon Musk Is The Real Life Version of Tony Stark

Elon Musk is the biggest shareholder of Tesla Motors and is worth a cool $11 billion. He is often compared to the marvel comic character Tony Stark aka Ironman and many think of him as the real life version of the famed comic character. Why is that one may ask? Mainly because he is a nerd who has heroic ideas for creating business and brands in fields where only few brave ones have dared to wonder. From finding companies as varied as an electric car company (Tesla), an aerospace manufacture (SpaceX) and a payment company (Paypal) to planning missions to Mars and working on superfast trains. Elon Musk has plans for humanity and is doing things what a typical comic book hero usually does.



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