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  1. 6 Countries in the world that have the easiest driving tests

6 Countries in the world that have the easiest driving tests

30th May 2017
6 Countries in the world that have the easiest driving tests

Being a kid is a lot of fun. You get to play around, without responsibilities and you pretty much get away with anything. But there is one thing, that you as a kid can never do. What's that? Driving!

That's right. As soon as you get a little older, by older we mean you're able to walk and talk, you start envying your mom and dad who can DRIVE but you can't. You see those Lamborghinis and Ferraris and your heart goes DAMN, i wish i was older. But did you know that there are some places in the world that have driving tests that are SO easy that even your baby would be able to crack them (expect for the age bar, of course)

Let's have a look at these places:


source - media-cdn

So Mexico is on top of the list. Why? Because the thing with Mexico is that they don't take 'license' as the way to certify an eligible driver, but to monitor. Hence, defeating the very purpose of the tests. If you're 15 and in Mexico, then you can easily manage a permit to drive in under $100. And, once you're 18- then you become eligible to get the full licence. Not to forget, there will be no driving, written or medical tests that they would need from you. Pretty shocking, eh?


source - cardrivingtipsindia

Yes, we are there second on the list and no, you there isn't no need for shock. The driving tests here are terribly simple (comparing it to global standards). In most places, the test is as simple as just being able to drive in a straight and line and turning left. If you can do that, TADAA, you've got your license. Oh, and if you're not in mood for a tests, then rumor has it that many people get their way out by simply bribing. Pretty sad, but equally true!


source - ticotimes

This is a country located in Central America. If you have given enough driving tests and are struggling to get one then maybe it's time for you to move to Honduras. This place has no driving tests, whatsoever- the only thing they want is that you should have crossed the age requirement i.e 18 years.


source - wikimedia

Reason why Pakistan is fourth on the list is because they do have driving test, even though the test is so easy that no one can expect to fail. They don't require you to have any amount of minimum hours of training. Giving a medical test, however is a must.


source - thetravelphile

So earlier in the days, the driving test was a mere formality but gradually, they have become a little strict and now, you are required to give a written test as well where in you must get 8 out of 10 questions right. They test your parking skills as well.

South Korea

source - cdn1-pri

Now this one is definitely tougher than the other countries on the list! First of all you need to be 18 before you get a license and secondly, they need a minimum of 13 hours previous training experience. This has been brought down from 25 hours. Once you've done all this, you need to go through a written and driving test. Once you pass this, you need to pay $400 and BAM! You have your license!

Comments (2)

Vineet Kaim

Info about driving tests in India are not right. I live in Delhi. Yesterday itself i gave a driving test, they first asked me to ride my scooter and keep running it in a path forming an '8' using indicators each time i turn untill they blow the whistle. Then comes the car driving test, i had to go through 1 kilometre road forming a loop then take a U-turn using indicators everywhere, then again taking a U-turn. Then stopping the car and reverse it through 4 cones without touching any of them, then open the bonnet and shut it back then drive through the cones and park it safely. BAM! Then i get my license! We cool? :P i dont know about which India this page is talking about.


Semplice sone

I am a category "c" driver and i want to go abroad


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